The four wave of content marketing text, pictures, personalization, the next step is marketing appli


content marketing has gone through the four wave, from the beginning of the simple text, to the later pictures, and then to the personalized content, then what is the next wave of it, it will be mobile applications



Scott Brinker for this problem is the research, he is behind the control of popular marketing website, Brinker is an extreme input is also a person with patience, from his website as many as 947 companies can be seen. He was also Ion Interactive CTO, they have decided to put the future direction of development on the marketing app. Recently, well-known technology blog VentureBeat interviewed him, the article is as follows:

VB: you talked about the 4 wave of wave of content marketing experience, then what is the first three rounds of


Brinker: the first round of the wave is a simple web page, in fact, is the main text; and the second round of the time has more content and form, such as video, slides and beautifully designed e-books, etc.. When it comes to the third round, it is the application of personalized technology in the field of marketing.

What are the characteristics of the first and second


? How do they work?

Brinker: wave of the first round of the two aspects of a revolutionary advance, the first to spread the cost of the content is almost reduced to zero, in addition to the emergence of search engines, so that users can find what they need. It is precisely because of the development of the first round of the wave, it brings the concept of search engine optimization SEO, of course, including content marketing, and now all companies are trying to introduce more content.

and the second wave is accompanied by visual effect more, this is a huge relationship with social networking, it has become the main method of content publishing and dissemination, at this stage the company is not just the pursuit of more content, but better content.

, of course, with the development of content marketing, natural information is also more and more, so now the biggest problem is how to find a lot of noise from their needs.


VB: has the ability to change the rules of the game in the third round of personal


Brinker: as I said above, the problem now is that too much information and content, has exceeded the needs of users, so the use of personalized technology to filter out useless information is very meaningful.

is not a panacea but personal weapons, we cannot expect users only use a few simple clicks, you can predict his behavior after day and make a recommendation, we need.

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