Reflections on the way of website promotion caused by a joke

how to make your site more people know, has been placed in front of a very practical problem. Many webmaster in various ways, get more traffic, with net marketing however, when everyone used the means of website promotion, a problem can not be ignored before, is of the same promotion process, is likely to be the customer when the garbage or spectators psychological area, even the maiduhuanzhu embarrassing situation.

today I’m interested in the said to his wife: "wife, I tell you a joke!" is to see through the novel wife down novels. "I joke is on the cross, said there is a plain woman, fantasy travel to ancient times, one day, finally Xinxiangshicheng, myself through to the ancient, holding a mirror to see yourself beautiful! When is the indulge in self-admiration from the two floor, down a face of evil man straight, and beauty……"

"you guess, the big man said what?" the wife is very interested in put down the book, said: "the man said," Wu Song is polite! "" I looked surprised to see his wife, how do you know the answer, my wife told me the joke, she was a few days ago seen, seems to be on the Internet, it seems in the newspaper, there may be in the newspaper…… Specifically where, she can not remember!

actually, I read this in a hospital advertising magazine. This magazine in the most lively place, always can see a lot of the old lady with a thick pile in the distribution, what gynecological painless, etc.. This magazine is the first local hospital released first, then all the local hospitals have started this means of marketing, have to follow, especially the "minimally invasive" painless "one minute" and other words, or an eyeball effect.

is now taking a walk around the street, especially on Saturday,, and there’s no problem getting a copy of ten of the eight free magazines. I am not from a pile of magazines, see the "cross into ancient beauty Pan Jinlian" jokes, his wife also estimated read these magazines, now she forgot where I saw, and I do, but just look at a magazine, the magazine is issued which hospital, also seem to remember, not written no, but simply not in your heart.

this can not help but let me think of the site using SEO search engine optimization, if the previous article, is not easy to fall into a misunderstanding. "The first person to eat crab" is undoubtedly the most cattle, if everyone can imitate, like the famous HAO123, there are several search sites over HAO123, the more simple and more easy to success, at the same time, we also cannot ignore a problem, the more simple the more likely to be imitated, especially in the network intellectual property rights are relatively weak in the world, a successful model can easily be "copycat", people are helpless.

in 2012, the site of the site, whether it is the authority of the review, are inseparable from the "buy network" these three words >

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