Talk about the nternet thinking idiotic powder and fans economy

a salon, some people say that Luhan fans is the micro-blog one of the most active, a simple sentence can be forwarded dozens of millions, of course not what quality is "idiotic powder" for. I have no concept of what the word, then listen to this, I have been thinking of the concept of "idiotic powder", what kind of fans is "idiotic powder"? The behavior can represent what? "Idiotic powder and iron powder and

what is the difference?

thought for a long time, although the "idiotic powder" by many people despise, but for the current Internet thinking about Heat fans economy, really does not have what difference, even "idiotic powder" utility than iron larger, it can be concluded from some black Luhan events. You think fans, Viagra, is not "idiotic powder" is not important, it is important to understand the nature of the fans on the fans, for the brand and products spread more value.

judging the true and false fans from the nature of the fans

should first determine the concept of fans, that is what fans. Consumers are the fans? Certainly not all, because consumers can say your brand or product is good, can also be said that your product is not good, although also in the category of consumer fans, but also can turn on your product at any time, these people generally will swing when the product price and profit of about. Eliminate sway this part of the consumer, the rest of the identity of the brand concept and product ideas and can continue to consume people can be called true fans. It can be said that fans do not support the product is not a real fan, in turn, can contain all kinds of defects in your product and continue to use the consumer is a real fan.

this point, apple and millet and other brands of fans are obvious, no matter how the outside world criticized these brands, their fans are willing to pay for their products constantly, this is the true meaning of fans. The name micro-blog M M deer Luhan can be regarded as a brand, can be seen as a product, the fans are concise after Jack really powder, there is no reason not to Luhan pay, there is no reason not to pay attention to all trends luhan.

how to understand the so-called "idiotic powder"


about the so-called "idiotic powder", the term should be how to parse? This appellation is probably related with the fans forwarding and comment, this action is first actively forwarding, even blind forwarding, in order to express to support the brand or product. This may be a bit of the feeling, but also from the Navy, the navy is more than 1 Mao party, and fans of the spontaneous spread, just say hello to the rest of the tens of hundreds of millions of forwarding and comment, this "idiotic powder" which enterprise and brand is not love? < / p>

prefer to think "Viagra" is the title of idiotic powder with envy of color, somewhat "idiotic powder" is the source of power to promote the brand communication, it is the so-called "idiotic powder" led to the communication efficiency, make communication easier. Of course, don’t say "idiotic powder" consciousness of unknown chase >

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