New keyword analysis and blog promotion

first us to ‘the words’ free purchase information as an example, you can search in Baidu keywords that you will find:         use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 3500000, with a time of 0.079 seconds        . Maybe you don’t think this is a popular but at least, I personally think is hot, at least is also a superior.


we only analyze the first page of Baidu. There is an article that pointed out that before the 15 page of the general search a lot of people look at the.15 page to see less on the first page. That is the user must look at the..

is ranked first in Sina second is Sina Alibaba. Needless to say. Is a portal station. Not only do the purchase information in this area. The front nothing to say… And Alibaba is a business relationship with the station. The maximum purchase. But also use more ordinary people. The station wants to compete is not easy… And the third is the Alibaba’s business blog.. there is little surprise why other professional website not to this location. It is a blog pages to this location. To analyze the… This blog.


you can see that this is likely to be included in Baidu. The static and looked inside. Look at the key words title page description. (the words… Free purchase information is title is also described. Keywords, thus increasing the possibility of search rankings included the


< title> < /title> free purchase information; < link rel=" shortcut icon" href="" > < meta name=" description" content=" a large number of free! I want to buy a network ( a large number of free information! I want to buy a network ( a large number of free information! I want to buy

( " /> < meta name=" keywords" content=" free information, free information services, free of charge to buy information " />

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