Product positioning the gift marketing to play to the extreme

product positioning is the basis of product marketing success, a good positioning means that the product has been successful in half. Product positioning Shi Yuzhu melatonin for the very successful, he grasped "and" gifts. First, these two concepts, carry out a full range of publicity on the lung platinum, because of this. Melatonin can create a rare miracle sales history.

said that the positioning of the product, Shi Yuzhu has its own understanding, he said: the first pin there is a first rule. When you go to Harvard to study, he says a case. To the Americans, who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic? It was generally possible to answer, but no one could answer the question of who was the second man to fly over the Atlantic. Who’s the third one?

remember. Why? Because the third was the first woman to fly, and she had the first. You must be in your brand building, put your first to dig out, and then it is appropriate to pass that point." Shi Yuzhu believes that to do a product must be the first brand, otherwise it is difficult for a long time, it is difficult to do well, do not do the first can not really succeed.

that let the audience laugh and scold the advertising this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin, while the reputation of Austria, but it was on melatonin has a special meaning to seize a positioning of the one and only. With the traditional for gifts of alcohol and other unhealthy gifts. Send melatonin is the embodiment of the gifts sent to health, care and love to send to send, because with the consumption level and the improvement of material life, people pursue a healthy body above all, send melatonin than traditional send tobacco and other unhealthy gifts there are significant advantages. It is because the gift letter sign with melatonin practice. Create melatonin out of the ordinary image, so that the positioning of "gifts" of the full gas field, who makes consumers think of gifts, they think that to become the first choice of melatonin, melatonin in < / p> gift!

"no gifts for the holidays this year, another effect is received only melatonin, which distinguishes between melatonin and many other health care products. China’s health products can be seen everywhere, the streets of the print media, television advertising war, a variety of promotional activities in pharmacies, are reminding you, health care products around you. However, the majority of health care products will be positioned as a "drug", put it on a professional coat. And now, for example, plastic raw materials market, because the demand for plastic ABS is the largest, so we are trying to do this one… This is a serious mistake….

Shi Yuzhu, however, is not limited to someone else’s ass run, but naobaijin positioned as a gift, the gift of health care products increased concept in the body of the practice of other competitors did not expect. This is by virtue of innovation concept, melatonin was able to succeed, to earn a roll over capital for Shi Yuzhu stage a comeback.

actually, do gift marketing concept, Shi Yuzhu is not the first person. In the melatonin before, a lot of food, wine products.

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