After the tour received tens of millions of birds that are still 2C 2B RMB financing imagination

international travel more is the test of product innovation, as well as the chain’s purchasing power, but if the domestic research travel course, found the premise of scale.


36 krypton today exclusively learned birds travel has received tens of millions of RMB financing, financing amount, specific investment and investment valuation temporarily do not disclose. The birds travel has submitted a new board stock material, is expected in May will be officially listed. Share transfer material shows that birds tour in 2014 and 2015 revenues were 28 million 820 thousand yuan and 50 million 800 thousand yuan. The founder of Su Wei said, chose listed on the new board, is to regulate the financial, at the same time as the upstream and downstream industry collaboration opportunities.


tour was Robin 2B service provider, and the main resources are concentrated in overseas, overseas homestay, camps and tourism service resources. But after this round of financing, birds travel will gradually shift to 2C domestic travel market, launched a brand for parents and students, Su Wei said that the possibility of future 2C brand does not rule out the independent resolution. In addition, the depth of development of birds will continue to do the study tour tour course.

in September last year, the industry, the market share of the first century Matilda was listed on the new board, in 45 million 950 thousand the annual revenue, more than 80% of all domestic tour camp brought. This side reaction to the study in the field of market size, there are statistics, international travel market size of about 10 billion, the annual growth rate of between 15%-18%, the next 3 years is expected to grow to 300-500 million. But even so, century Matilda such as a public company’s cash cow is still in the domestic market, this is because there is a great space for the domestic audience base, million yuan within the tour product, as long as the scale breakthrough bottleneck, profit is still considerable.

in addition to the overall size of the market, there is a note: Su Wei introduced, whether domestic or foreign, occupy the market of 2B services is still basic, accounted for about 70%, because the school demand is generally a monopoly, and study the contents according to the teaching of travel the outline of research and development, with the domestic unified college entrance examination, the product is also relatively easy to standardization.

Su Wei believes that the rise of the domestic market and the two factors are directly related: consumption upgrade and policy. In this process, the school and parents demand for education is constantly upgrading, they found more and more classroom education cannot meet the children comprehensive quality improvement (so that travel market still exist; in addition, because the course of incremental) + practice is a good way, in 2012 the Ministry of education and frequent travel industry policy recently, one was released in December last year, "on the research in primary school travel advice", "the research study trips included in the clear teaching plan for elementary and middle schools.

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