How to use micro-blog to quickly increase site traffic

since 2009, the major portals have launched the micro-blog system, especially the most popular Sina micro-blog, if you can make good use of micro-blog’s words to improve the flow of new sites will be of great help. Here will talk about how to improve site traffic through micro-blog.

first in the major portals have opened their own micro-blog account, if the energy is limited, only the opening of sina micro-blog, because Sina’s most popular micro-blog. Open account, do not rush to promote. First of all, to pay more attention, so you can increase the number of your own fans, in general, the number of your attention is about 3 times the number of your fans. That is, when you pay attention to add to 1000, you should have a number of fans of more than and 300. When the number of fans reached 300, you can start to promote the.

promotion to find a you are the topic of concern, such as Sina micro-blog on fire yesterday in the topic is "the Russian spy network, breast" love beauty, beauty love network, why choose this topic, the reason is not to say, we all understand. I look for some of the information on the Internet, after finishing to their own website. And then in their own micro-blog issued a message on the micro-blog, behind the contents of the web site. In a very short period of time, the forward rate reached more than and 50, and the was sent to my website for 1 hours. IP. From this point of view, micro-blog’s strength is great, if used for the promotion of new sites is very helpful.

use this method to promote, we should pay attention to some problems:

1, micro-blog account to slowly accumulate popularity, fans more than you will get more traffic;

2, do not put the main focus on this above, because micro-blog links will not bring any weight to your site. The main focus is on the content of the site and SEO. Use a small amount of time every day to send micro-blog can be;

3, now Sina micro-blog introduced the concept of group, you can set up their own groups, you can also join other groups;

personal website is mainly to the accumulation of their own resources, the largest portal blog account, SNS account, a well-known forum account, the account after a period of time, after reaching a certain level, whether you are for website promotion, or increase the net station outside the chain, will be of great help.


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