Baby you make money easily open living museum

is now a huge demand for maternal and infant products market, the industry’s investment advantages are also increasingly significant! Especially in the country after the full liberalization of the second child policy, maternal and infant industry is more popular. So open a living museum will be easy to make money? Next along with Xiaobian to understand it!

1, market demand, maternal and child care services shortage

at present, China’s 0-3 years old baby about 69 million, an annual average of about 17 million babies born, there will be a potential big market of 50 billion yuan per year, and according to the transfer prediction, infant care service market is still an emerging industry, coupled with the increase in the number of times a mother. At present, the professional maternal and child care services can not meet the market demand of 10%. In the next 10-35 years, the industry will steadily rise and develop rapidly. read more

China West Normal University, Sichuan province college students innovation and entrepreneurship Cult

to encourage college students to work in innovation and entrepreneurship, colleges and universities are seeking the most effective means of education promotion. China West Normal University, Sichuan province held a college student innovation and entrepreneurship Festival, the first time to promote innovation and cultural activities in the form of cultural festival.

12 at 4 pm on, the opening ceremony of the first college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Culture Festival of China West Normal University and the "Challenge Cup" competition in 2015 was held in the academic report hall of Huafeng campus library. School party secretary Wang Anping, vice president Nie Yingde Li Jian, deputy secretary of the Party committee, organization department, science department, the Communist Youth League school, scientific research department, research department, Department of finance, school cooperation, University Science and Technology Park, logistics department, asset management company and other departments responsible comrades, the college party and government leadership, commended the student representative well, the innovative entrepreneurship and representatives of more than 350 people attended the meeting. Conference hosted by the science department minister Long Hanwu. read more

Chinese young overseas students entrepreneurial base for returnees to create escort

young entrepreneurs are the mainstay of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship, this group includes not only the domestic entrepreneurs, but also including overseas students. Zhuhai has established a base for young students to study in China, providing entrepreneurial guidance for students.

"Chinese youth entrepreneurship base" in the days before Zhuhai Hengqin · Macao youth entrepreneurship Valley held the opening ceremony. At the same time, WRSA · China overseas students association also inaugurated the "foreign country base in Zhuhai". read more

Food and beverage store profitability skills inventory

open restaurant franchise also need to consider some business factors, as long as it may affect the profitability of the store need to take into account. Many novice shop is still not very clear about the matter, Xiaobian compiled a more detailed information, hoping to provide you with better help.

1. restaurant franchise location to facilitate transportation. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well. read more

QQ jelly ice cream – delicious and nutritious health

with the improvement of our living standard, the demand for healthy eating is gradually increasing. How about QQ jelly ice cream? Delicious food, worry free business, then, hurry up!

in the course of developing the market economy fast to market share, as a business, investors must pay attention to one thing, QQ jelly ice cream is a kind of leisure food catering industry is relatively long common, its healthy and delicious, unique advantages by modern young people. Also, as a concern of a hot investment project. read more

Five lines of free transfer of the third party payment challenges come

interbank withdrawals transfer fees this link, to bring people who are very inconvenient, therefore, the third party pay fire up. Yesterday, the five lines jointly launched mobile phone transfer free policy, which is a challenge for the third party payment. However, the five lines of free transfer, the people are very happy.

2 25 July, engineering, agriculture, in construction, over five banks announced the implementation of domestic RMB bank remittance free mobile phone and Internet banking policy free 5000 yuan remittance, Alipay and WeChat teamed up to challenge the official Internet payment of third party payment. read more

Children’s clothing stores have those skills of deception


constantly improve people’s living standard, the traditional clothing market is ushering in the peak period of development, so young people join with entrepreneurs, as more and more entrepreneurs choose to join children’s clothing industry, clothing industry is developing rapidly, but in the face of complex human relations how to choose the brand? Here are some tips to share with you.

read more

Do you have a market for hangers


racks in our lives is a very big use, however, in general can be bought in a variety of grocery stores, very few people will open a special clothes shop. So, if you start a business to have a market? Let Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple analysis.

a, market prospects

1. basic necessities of life "clothing" led by this clothing industry is a "industry. After joining WTO, the market is broader, the prospect is more optimistic. The clothes rack is produced with the clothing, and its prospect is optimistic. read more