At the beginning of the Spring Festival at Google too much advertising site

may also affect our normal site advertising number for subsequent Google for advertising algorithm to update and punishment, we will need to continue to attention. This article by Taobao slimming products 贵族宝贝 original, starting

and Google also said that this algorithm updates and not on individual pages, but rather focus on the overall design of the entire site. A big impact for those advertising sites are not appropriate. The change of the algorithm and ranking the punishment is primarily for those websites advertising radical site. read more

Hu Yibo ranking analysis method the rapid increase in the rain

rain mode of operation may be through the station group round of chain operation, through a large station group to the end only with a single station with him on the line, so that it can solve the chain that little argument. Again that we have been discussed, may love Shanghai manual. For rain analysis, probably because my poor experience and technology can not get accurate result what. As time goes by, I believe there will be rain operation when the mystery. A new discovery in the state of Wei Ling Hu.. read more