A leading psychiatrist who helped the government d

first_imgA leading psychiatrist who helped the government draft guidance that protected mental health service-users who were threatened with forced work has refused to criticise major changes to the guidelines that have risked the lives of thousands of benefit claimants.Disability News Service (DNS) reported last month that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had secretly made major changes that watered-down guidance given to “fitness for work” benefits assessors, and then “lied” about what it had done.Ministers appear to have decided that it was worth risking the loss of some lives in order to cut benefits spending and force more disabled people into their discredited back-to-work programmes.The guidance explains how assessors should translate employment and support allowance (ESA) regulations 29 and 35, which concern whether decisions to find someone fit for work or able to carry out work-related activity would cause a substantial risk of harm to an ESA claimant.A DWP response to a freedom of information request, obtained by DNS this week, shows that new guidance was sent out to healthcare assessors working for the discredited US outsourcing giant Maximus in early December last year.The month after the new guidance was sent out, the proportion of claimants placed in the support group of ESA – and therefore not forced to take part in work-related activity – began to fall sharply.For claims completed in December 2015, 56 per cent were placed in the support group; the following month that fell to 48 per cent, and then to 33 per cent in February, and 33 per cent again in March.The previous version of the guidance, published as DWP’s Work Capability Assessment Handbook in February 2015, included six indicators of “substantial risk”, which were marked “D” for “definitive” – including someone who was currently sectioned, who had active thoughts of suicide, or had had a documented episode of self-harm requiring medical attention in the last 12 months – to show that that person should be placed in the ESA support group.But the latest edition of the guidance says only that such indicators “might” give rise to a substantial risk in “exceptional circumstances”.The new version of the handbook also tells assessors that they should consider factors that might “mitigate” the chance that someone could harm themselves or others, including “the benefits of employment weighed against any potential risk”.The previous version of the guidance was written by DWP with “external input” from Professor Peter White, a consultant psychiatrist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, and Professor Keith Hawton, director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Suicide Research.But their names do not appear in the new, watered-down guidance.White has refused to comment on the new guidance, and the risks that it might pose to people in severe mental distress, and instead referred DNS to a named DWP press officer.A DWP spokeswoman said later that White “was involved in early discussions about the revised guidance but neither he, nor Hawton, played any subsequent role in its drafting or sign off”.DNS has been unable to contact Hawton directly, although messages have been left with his personal assistant and via email.The DWP spokeswoman added: “We in no way asked either Professor Hawton or Professor White not to comment on the new guidance.“It is for them to decide on whether they wish to engage with media.”John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said he found their silence to be “inexplicable” and “deeply alarming”.He said: “In the case of Professor Hawton, he is a world-leading expert in suicide prevention and one would have expected him to have something to say about the change in this guidance which will irrefutably lead to an increase in the suicide rate among claimants.“Both professors have a duty to speak out.”McArdle said the new guidance was giving assessors “permission to refuse benefits to people who have exhibited suicidal ideation in terms of regulations 29 and 35, and we believe that is unlawful and not human rights-compliant”.In April, DNS obtained a DWP document which suggested amending or removing regulations 29 and 35 as one of several policy proposals, and said that such a move would provide substantial savings.But the memo – drawn up before the 2015 election, and to be used if the Conservatives triumphed at the polls – warned that previous attempts to remove the regulations had been defeated in the courts, and that any changes in this area “carry a significant handling and delivery risk” because they would be “perceived as restricting application of the safeguards and may be considered discriminatory”.DWP’s press office have insisted that these “speculative policy formulations” were drafted by staff before the last election and “have not been raised, do not represent government policy and have never been sent to ministers”.But comparing the latest handbook with the version issued before the 2015 election shows the regulations were amended, although by changing the guidance rather than the rules themselves.DWP had failed to comment by 11am today (Thursday) on whether the new guidance was the reason for the fall in the proportion of claimants placed in the support group, and how it justified watering down the guidance when it was designed to stop people self-harming and taking their own lives.last_img read more

A note from the editor Please consider making a v

first_imgA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… The government has broken freedom of information laws by refusing to release documents that could reveal why it has failed to ensure there is a wheelchair-accessible front entrance to 10 Downing Street.The information commissioner has ruled that the Cabinet Office breached the Freedom of Information Act by failing to release reports to Disability News Service (DNS), including any documents that mention the two steps leading to the iconically-inaccessible front door.DNS has been trying for more than a year to discover what discussions have taken place about removing the steps.Although there is step-free access at the rear of 10 Downing Street, wheelchair-users wishing to use the front door must rely on a portable ramp.The latest request for information came in July 2018, when DNS asked for “any reports or documents on the subject of disability access (including those relating to the steps leading to the front door) at No 10 Downing Street that have been prepared over the last two years”.The Cabinet Office insisted that the only relevant recorded information was a 20-word extract from a draft memo that had already been released, which spoke of the “improved accessibility” from increasing the size of an internal lift.But DNS argued that a Number 10 spokesperson had claimed that Downing Street had “undertaken a programme of works over recent years to make sure this historic building is accessible to all who visit”, while Historic England had said the Cabinet Office was “rolling out a programme of improvements to the grade I listed complex to proactively address disabled access”.Historic England had also told DNS that an “accessibility audit is still being worked through and we will continue to advise as necessary”.Despite these statements, the Cabinet Office had insisted to the information commissioner that it held no recorded information on disability access at Number 10, or reports or documents concerning discussions with Historic England.Historic England has also since admitted that it does hold information about access at 10 Downing Street dating back five years but has argued that it cannot release it because of “national security” concerns.The information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, has now concluded that the Cabinet Office “holds further information within the scope of the request” and had breached sections 1 and 10 of the Freedom of Information Act.The Cabinet Office will now have to produce a legal response to DNS by 24 January, either producing the information or explaining why it has an exemption from doing so.The Cabinet Office said it would now review its response to the DNS freedom of information request.A government spokesperson said: “We are committed to ensuring Downing Street is accessible. “A custodian is constantly stationed at the front door so that access can be provided to the building at any time of day. “In addition, a new lift and more accessible toilets have been installed as part of work to improve facilities in this historic building.”Picture: 10 Downing Street, after the building won an access award in November 2017… despite the steps to the front entrancelast_img read more

Controversial new mural in SF Mission already defaced

first_imgA mural at 24th and Folsom streets criticized last Friday because the artist had painted over an existing mural has been vandalized within a day of its completion.The new mural consists of colorful mandalas and the phrase “be a good person” on the Folsom street side of 2801 Folsom St., where a Peruvian restaurant is slated to open sometime this month. Its painter had been asked by the property owner to install the mural on the 24th Street side of the same building, which meant replacing an existing mural that had been painted earlier by neighborhood youth through an arts program. After objections from the creators of the original mural, the new mural was completed in its alternate location over the weekend. But by Monday morning, it had already been defaced with brown spray-paint.The artist, who is from the East Bay, said on Friday that she was given permission by the building’s owner, Ali Rismanchi, to replace the Precita Eyes mural with something “more colorful.” The original mural was created in 2015 by Mission youth enrolled in Precita Eyes’ Urban Youth Art program and depicted elements of Latino culture as well as the words “Our culture is not for sale.” Rismanchi said on Friday that he felt the mural was “too dark.”But as the artist began working on the 24th Street wall space, a group of local muralists and community activists interfered, informing her that the mural was under copyright protection and that she needed to get permission for its removal from the arts organization before proceeding.Saying that she was granted permission by the organization’s founder, the artist continued with her plans for replacing the mural, painting over it with a layer of white paint, further angering the group of local muralists. They said that the artist was never granted permission, and likened the unsanctioned removal of the community mural to the neighborhood’s rampant gentrification.In response to their protest, Rismanchi negotiated with the arts organization and agreed to let the its members paint a replacement for their destroyed mural in the same location. He then instructed the East Bay artist to continue painting the “be a good person” mural on the building’s Folsom street side instead.On Monday, the defaced mural sparked sidewalk conversations. Dogpaw Carrillo, a local artist who is also affiliated with Precita Eyes, said the vandalism was “unfortunate,” but could have been avoided.“Sometimes as artists we find ourselves in the middle of these warring factions and it’s particularly saddening when [the targets are] young people that are bringing color to the neighborhood,” he said.  “But at the same time – how do you roll all this white paint on something that is obviously, to me and most people in my community, something of beauty?”Had Rismanchi commissioned a local artist, or even taken the appropriate steps to inform Precita Eyes, the artist would have likely been met with more respect by the local community, he said. “Precita Eyes is a lot like jazz – It’s very open. There is no top to bottom control, and I think the emphasis is skill and heart,” said Carrillo, in reference to the art organization’s willingness to work with artists from both within and outside of the local arts community.It is unclear if the defaced mural will be restored. Rismanchi did not immediately return requests for comment about the vandalism.A portion of the original mural. Photo by Anya Montiel 0%center_img Tags: folsom street • murals • precita eyes Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Mealmade Reborn as Kitava Kitchen

first_imgThe new Kitava Kitchen gets its name from a small Pacific island whose native inhabitants apparently lead a healthy lifestyle due to a fresh, nutritious diet. The name was one of the steps Jeff Nobbs and Brian Tublin took in coming together with their respective health-conscious meal delivery (formerly “Mealmade”) and catering (“Simmer”) services. The duo decided their separate visions were a natural combination, and after two-plus years, they decided to turn the shuttered McDonald’s space at Mission and 16th into a sit-down restaurant (Note: they still do deliveries.)You order at the counter and get served at the table, “You know, like Souvla,” said one of the staff at the soft opening Nov. 1. Yep, that is the model these days. What is new, and perhaps very different from other restaurants, is that Kitava is the only restaurant in San Francisco that is fully focused on paleo, veggie-centric (they do serve meat) and gluten-free meals.Tublin says changing switching to a healthy diet changed his life. He had a knee injury that didn’t get better until then. Similarly, Nobbs decided to learn about nutrition and switch to a healthier diet because of deaths in his family — from what he felt were preventable causes.  For these business partners and friends, what we eat, how it’s grown and how it’s prepared is the key to all good health.Kitava. For me, what is different about this particular “health food restaurant” is that the food is substantial and well-seasoned. Tublin and Nobbs fervently believe that nutritious, fresh and responsibly sourced food is naturally delicious, but for me, the clincher is the care they’ve taken to make sure their dishes don’t skimp on bold flavors.Take, for instance, the butternut squash “hummus” that was served as the pre-dinner, mingling-hour snack:Kitava butternut squash hummus with sumacThe squash is roasted and blended with cardamom, orange zest and cinnamon, and sprinkled with tangy sumac for a lovely Middle Eastern flair. Served with crispy yucca root chips (which could have used a little salt), the dip was a good preview to the rest of the vivid flavors that awaited.Kitava is clearly proud of its food partners, “Mandela Marketplace” and “Eat With The Seasons.” Mandela is a nonprofit addressing food insecurity issues in under-resourced communities. “Eat” is a CSA program that works with multiple local and organic farmers and producers. Like these organizations, Kitava is looking toward community-building around issues of nutrition and education for all.To that end, I asked Nobbs if they ever envisioned holding classes at Kitava, to teach locals to cook nutritious meals for themselves so they wouldn’t have to depend on places like this to eat healthily.“Yes!” Nobbs said excitedly. “If you look into the kitchen, you’ll see we have a lot of space back there, so we plan to have classes. We’ve had a lot of people express an interest in that.”Kitava stresses that how you prepare food is as important as the actual food.  For instance, they cook their crispy brussels sprouts in palm oil:Kitava brussels sprouts and chipotle aioli.Super crispy, very flavorful, not oily, with a creamy/spicy chipotle aioli.  I’d buy a jar of that.The use of palm oil is controversial — due to over-foresting, pollution from peat fires and displaced or destroyed communities of wildlife and farmers. Palm oil is considered a “clean” oil, one with a high smoke point, containing high concentrations of antioxidants, and a good substitution for butter for vegans and vegetarians.Kitava sources their palm oil from a small, sustainable organization, Palm Done Right, which follows fair trade practices and says no to clear-cutting, burning or planting in primal forests, while responsibly growing and harvesting the palm trees, and building communities in the process.At Kitava, most of the meals can be modified to fit the customer’s dietary needs. There’s a mix-and-match section where you can pick a protein and get two included sides for the price. The Cuban bowl, for example, can be made with or without the pasture raised pork, which Nobbs assured us means that these pigs were out rooting around in the dirt as nature intended, and not stuck in a feed barn with a small opening to the outdoors to bolster the claim of “free range.”Kitava Cuban Bowl with Pork.The pork had a wonderful flavor, perfectly cooked —  any taqueria would be proud to serve that pork.  The kale slaw was fresh, with a good texture — not that “eating wet straw” thing you get sometimes. The kicky cilantro garlic mojo sauce went a long way toward making the dish pop. The cauliflower rice is certainly never going to replace rice for me, but Kitava’s makes a good argument for it.  The texture was slightly tender but with a bit of bite. The sunflower risotto served on our plates (not pictured here), however, while tasty, would never fool anyone into thinking it was risotto. Maybe call it something else. The plantains, of course, were delicious and nicely sweet.Zoodles — “noodles” made of spiralized zucchini — are one of those food substitutions that usually don’t really work for me.Kitava zoodles and meatballs.The zoodles can often be watery and take away from the dish.  Here, served with meatballs made of 100 percent grass-fed beef, the zoodles had good texture and never got soggy in the tomato sauce, which was very herby and flavorful. Grass-fed beef can suffer from a lack of flavor and juiciness compared to its corn-fed counterpart.  But, as with all this type of food, if you’re trying to eat a sustainable, healthy diet, you’re going to have to compromise.  You can’t expect a cow to eat an unnatural diet without consequences. But, at Kitava, you’ll not have to compromise on flavor.Not everything worked, of course.  The General Tso’s chicken was my least favorite dish.Kitava General Tso’s Chicken.The sauce was too sweet — they use aged coconut aminos, which I understand is a common substitute for soy sauce (which contains gluten), but it was too sweet for me.  However, the chicken itself, fried in crispy cassava flour coating, was light and tasty. The roasted broccoli was cooked just right. Again, you can order this dish with actual rice or cauliflower “rice.”My favorite dish of the night was the salmon tacos:Wild Alaskan Salmon tacos.The wild Alaskan salmon is a bit pricey here, as it is anywhere, but it was fantastic. The whole taco — the crunchy cabbage slaw, chipotle aioli, salsa and creamy avocado — was perfect, except the tortilla, sadly.  I’m sorry, but for me the tortilla tasted a little stale (as my tablemate said), a little tough around the edges.  Underneath, where the food had soaked into it a bit, the texture was better; but, of course, what was really missing for me is the good, corny taste of a corn tortilla.  However, Tublin said they have people actually asking if they’d package their tortillas and sell them — and I was further surprised to learn that they’re made for Kitava by La Palma Mexicatessan (24th Street and Florida)!  Another example of local sourcing. So if you need to eat non-corn/non-wheat tortillas, these would work for many.For dessert, instead of trying to give us every item on their dessert menu (sweet-and-salty date bites, dark chocolate brownies, caramel-drizzled cookies, vegan vanilla bean gelato flavored with maple syrup and ice cream sandwiches), they offered up a sundae bar, using elements of all the desserts (minus the date bites.)  I can heartily vouch for the almond cookies — excellent!  So almondy, like crunchy marzipan. And they’re serving Vixen Kitchen ice cream, made from cashew milk, which was wonderful. As my dining companion said, jarring me to the same realization, “If someone hadn’t told me this was not ice cream, I never would have known.” Truth.Kitava ice cream bar.I asked Nobbs what his response would be to cries about gentrification, given Kitava’s location. He said that they’d known, even before they opened, that they were going to have to deal with that question. They realized that they just weren’t going to be able to please everyone. Nobbs said that they have vegans who give them grief because they serve meat, and paleos get mad because they do vegan.“And you know, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.”nobbs said that they have people walking in off the street who still think it’s a McDonald’s (though with the remodel of the interior, that should change). Kitava staff will offer up a bottle of water or a juice on a hot day, and they leave, appreciative of the kindness. “People just want to be treated like people.”Kitava has also instituted a Pay-It-Forward program, where a customer can buy a second meal so that if someone comes in from the neighborhood that doesn’t have money and is hungry, they can give them that meal. And, Nobbs told me, at the end the day if they have leftover food, they’ll go outside and say, “Who’s hungry?” and pass out meals. “We’re just trying to do our bit of good in the world.”And what that means mostly, I gather, is to provide healthy, fresh and good-tasting food at an affordable price. Their prices are pretty reasonable — the most expensive entrée is $19 for the salmon, with most other dinners falling below $15.After the tasting, Tublin took us on a tour of the kitchen, where we were shown remnants of the McDonald’s kitchen — the big industrial hood fans (after having been cleansed of major grease) are still in use. The McDonald’s freezer is now Kitava’s fridge, emphasizing how much food is frozen in any fast-food business. Little signs still remain posted on the walls, telling former workers where to find the french fries and the special sauce — a reminder, perhaps, to Kitava workers to see what has been wrought here, and how essentially different the two food purveyors are. While Kitava may not serve everyone’s needs, the neighborhood is perhaps served, as Nobbs said, by not putting in another greasy fast-food joint.  Here’s hoping that the model of healthy food at an ever-more-affordable price point spreads.Kitava logoKitava Kitchen2011 Mission St.San Francisco, CA  94110415-780-1661Eat in or delivery:kitava.com 0%center_img Tags: food • restaurants Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

NATHAN Brown admitted lady luck smiled on Saints a

first_imgNATHAN Brown admitted lady luck smiled on Saints as they progressed into the Fifth Round of the Tetley’s Challenge Cup.Luke Walsh kicked a last gasp drop goal to seal a dramatic 17-16 win.But the Giants were left dumbfounded by Danny Brough’s own one-point effort that was chalked off as it seemed to drift wide of the posts.“I couldn’t get a look at it,” Brown said. “I was up high and didn’t get a look at it. Lady luck certainly shone on us.“A lot of our players were below par today. We didn’t come up as a group. For the first 20 minutes our ball control, once again, was shocking but when we had the ball we were marching up the field. Willie Manu in particular was causing them a lot of trouble.“We got two tries and nearly got another as Willie looked to have been brought down without the ball.“Then after that period our kicking game was ordinary and our ruck defence was poor. The second half was better but we will have to do better next time.“That said, I was pleased with our last five minutes. We really worked hard for each other and charged down the first three drop goal attempts before they got one away. Our commitment and courage was brilliant.”With 15 minutes to go Brett Ferres was sent off for a spear tackle on Jonny Lomax; a decision Brown agreed with.“Brett Ferres’ sending off had an impact on the result,” he continued. “He isn’t a dirty player and wouldn’t do something deliberately like that. But we have seen what has happened in Australia and we don’t like challenges like that. It was a sending off.“I hope the Review Panel takes into account his good record because the punishment is in the sending off as it eventually cost them the game. Thankfully Jonny Lomax is healthy.“Kyle Amor has done a muscle in his ribs though so we will check on him in the week.”last_img read more

Calabash Town Hall Day celebration

first_imgCALABASH, NC (WWAY) — Today Calabash celebrated it’s Town Hall Day.Town Hall Day was an event for anyone to come out and enjoy.- Advertisement – Residents that went were able to meet and talk to public services like The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, The Calabash Fire Department and Calabash Emergency Management.Mayor Mary Louise Knight said this years event is focusing on safety and how important it is to share what the town is doing with residents.“To let our citizens know they are important this is what we’re doing this year to protect them, we’ve had 24 inches of rain OK, and we managed our way through it because of our staff and the fine job that they do,” Knight said.Related Article: Drone units help capture wanted manThe event lasted until 3 PM this afternoon and The Brunswick Health Department also provided a flu shot clinic.last_img read more

Film leaders excited about the future of Hollywood East

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Monday Gov. Roy Cooper signed legislation eliminating the sunset date on the state’s film incentive program.That is exciting news for the future of productions here in the Port City.- Advertisement – Supporters said this change is a big incentive for production companies to bring their films and TV shows to Wilmington. They can bring a production here without worries that the grant will end in three years.The state currently offers a rebate funded through the NC Film and Entertainment Grant.Bill Vassar, the Executive Vice President at Screen Gems Studios said this is great news for the Cape Fear. He has already been busy reaching out to those interested in coming back.Related Article: Applications for US jobless benefits fell to a low 216,000“Now we can go out and we can solicit new shows that know they can stay here and it’s great for the town because it provides work for hundreds. Each show provides work for hundreds of people,” Vassar said.Vassar said the buzz that Hollywood East is open again for business is not only the talk of North Carolina, but the talk of LA as well.last_img read more

School system gets 15M grant for antibullying training

first_imgThere will be unlimited access to NSCC’s Resource Center: An online professional learning environment including resources, social functionalities, and interactive dashboard to track progress. Related Article: Black History Month: Honoring 89-year-old New Hanover Co. EducatorIntensive coaching will be provided through the National School Climate Leadership Certification to support school leadership teams (1) understand and interpret data and translate it into action and (2) align educational initiatives efficiently and effectively. The fully-funded initiative, including stipends and funding for substitute coverage. Students will have the opportunity to participate in three Youth Summits over Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4. Teachers will have access to Facing History content workshops and summer seminars. NHCS is partnering with the National School Climate Center and Facing History and Ourselves, https://www.facinghistory.org/, on this project. Instructional support, books, and other materials from Facing History and Ourselves will be utilized. Five full-day Cluster Meetings for School Leadership Teams across the initiative and three cohort-wide Youth Summits will be held. Empowering Youth Engaging Schools (EYES) is a four-year initiative funded by The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation.The following are some of the key components of the EYES grant: There is access to industry-leading Measurement Tools, including NSCC’s acclaimed Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) and Leadership Team Readiness Tool. There will be network support with other participating schools. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Schools has been awarded a $1.5 million grant for anti-bullying training and support at five middle schools.The schools participating include Murray, Myrtle Grove, Trask, Holly Shelter, and Williston Middle.- Advertisement – Professional development for all staff members on topics such as Social-Emotional Learning, Bullying Prevention, Youth Engagement, Understanding Bias will occur.last_img read more

Trumps UK visit turns to Brexit and Huawei as protests planned in

first_imgPeople protest outside Buckingham Palace during the state visit of U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to Britain, in London, Britain, June 3, 2019. REUTERS/Alkis KonstantinidisPeople protest outside Buckingham Palace during the state visit of U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to Britain, in London, Britain, June 3, 2019. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis Donald Trump will plunge into Britain’s Brexit crisis on Tuesday and is likely to demand that Prime Minister Theresa May’s successor ban China’s Huawei from 5G networks as thousands of protesters mock the U.S. president across London.Feted by Queen Elizabeth and heir Prince Charles on the first day of his state visit to Britain, Trump turns to politics on Tuesday with talks in Downing Street, a news conference scheduled for 1245 GMT and a dinner that could include leaders of Brexit, such as Boris Johnson, the favourite to succeed May.Trump brings demands for the United States’ closest ally in Europe, including calls by his envoys for a tougher British stance towards telecoms giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.At a lavish banquet in Buckingham Palace, Trump praised the queen as “a great, great woman” and said the United States and United Kingdom shared an enduring alliance.“As we honour our shared victory and heritage, we affirm the common values that will unite us long into the future; freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, the rule of law and reference for the rights given to us by almighty God,” he said.The state visit, promised by May back in January 2017 when she became the first foreign leader to meet him after he took office, is cast as a chance to celebrate Britain’s “special relationship” with the United States, boost trade links and reaffirm security cooperation.But the collapse of May’s premiership over Brexit and Trump’s penchant for ignoring the conventions of modern diplomacy have made the trip one of the most unconventional state visits in recent British history.Before Air Force One even touched down on British soil, Trump praised Johnson, the former foreign secretary and leading Brexit campaigner, and advised a sharp exit from the European Union on Oct. 31 with or without a deal.Trump also called for arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage, a scourge of May’s ruling Conservative Party, to conduct talks with the EU.BREXIT, BLIMP AND CHINABrexit is the most significant geopolitical move for the United Kingdom since World War Two and if it happens, London will be more reliant on the United States as ties loosen with the other 27 members of the EU.Huawei will top talks in London after the British government appeared to defy Trump administration demands and allow the Chinese company a limited role in building 5G networks.“We’ve been clear: Our ask is that our allies and our partners and our friends don’t do anything that would endanger our shared security interests or restrict our ability to share sensitive information,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.The Trump administration has told allies not to use Huawei’s 5G technology and equipment because of fears it would allow China to spy on sensitive communications and data. Huawei denies it is, or could be, a vehicle for Chinese intelligence.Britain’s so-called special relationship with the United States is an enduring alliance, but some British voters see Trump as crude, volatile and opposed to their values on issues ranging from global warming to his treatment of women.A giant inflatable blimp depicting Trump as a pouting baby in a diaper will fly outside the British parliament in London on Tuesday ahead of what is expected to be one of the city’s largest protests against a foreign leader.In central London, tens of thousands of protesters are expected to take part in a “Carnival of Resistance” later in the day to voice their opposition to the president. Among those taking part will be environmental activists, anti-racism campaigners and women’s rights protesters.While some Britons protest, May and Trump will hold a business breakfast at St James’ Palace with U.S. firms such as Lockheed Martin Corp, JP Morgan Chase and Co, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, construction company Bechtel and cybersecurity and data analytics firm Splunk IncMay will present Trump with a framed reproduction of the Atlantic Charter, which hung on wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s wall and set out principles of free trade and collective security that formed the basis of the postwar peace.As part of the visit, Trump will be given a tour of the Churchill War Rooms – a labyrinthine bunker-turned-museum underneath London, and he will take part in events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, which turned the course of the war.Trump, May and their spouses will also view a ceremonial copy of the American Declaration of Independence. For lunch, they will have crab followed by beef fillet, and a meringue-based pudding known as ‘Eton mess’.While Trump and May sit down to political talks inside May’s Downing Street office, Philip May and Melania Trump will attend a garden party and take a guided tour of the building.The U.S. first lady will receive a tea set created by designer Emma Bridgewater from the prime minister and her husband.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

4865 hours in community service during 2018

first_img31 criminal offenders were ordered to do 4,865 hours of community work instead of being sentenced to a jail term in 2018.The work assigned to them varied from maintenance, clerical, working in dog shelters, working with sports organisations, religious organisations and organisations that work with vulnerable individuals.There were 37 cases where the offender was given a community sentence, amounting to a total of 6,840 hours doing community work, while in 2016 it was 58 cases with a total of 6,990 hours.The figures were tabled in parliament following a PQ by Opposition MP Hermann Schiavone to Justice Minister Owen Bonnici.WhatsApp SharePrint <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more