Badminton governing body strengthens integrity strategy

first_img 888 calls for Betgenius sportsbook makeover June 25, 2020 Share Submit Related Articles Scott Longley – Confusion reigns over FDC’s second betting rights deal July 14, 2020 The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is to embark on a partnership with Genius Sports, with the ultimate goal of protecting its various competitions from the threat of match fixing.As part of the long term integrity agreement, Genius Sports is to be provide Badminton’s world governing body with its bet monitoring system.Detailing the multitude of benefits the BWF are set to receive, it’s stated that the system “compares real-time odds movements from global betting markets with bespoke algorithmic models and intelligence from hundreds of betting operators, to identify and flag irregular activity in real-time”Poul-Erik Høyer, President of the Badminton World Federation, commented: “The integrity of our sport is of utmost importance to BWF and we are pleased to join forces with Genius Sports to strengthen our campaign to keep badminton clean. “Genius Sports has gained a sterling reputation in providing world-class, bet-monitoring services and we welcome their expertise. This partnership will help to protect our tournaments from match-fixing and betting-related corruption.”The technology set to be utilised as part of this deal, in addition to Genius Sports’ team of expert integrity analysts which it is set to combine, will monitor all major Badminton competitions.Tournaments included under the terms of the agreement are TOTAL BWF World Championships, TOTAL Sudirman Cup, TOTAL Thomas & Uber Cup Finals, the HSBC BWF World Tour and the BWF Tour Super 100.Ben Paterson, Integrity Operations Director at Genius Sports, added: “Effectively combating match-fixing demands that sports are proactive. “The Badminton World Federation has shown an exemplary commitment to prioritising the integrity of its competitions and we are delighted to have formed this long-term partnership, using our market-leading technology to provide round-the-clock protection.”Genius Sports, the global provider of sports data technology, distribution and commercialisation services, partners with a number of leading sports league and federations worldwide, including Major League Baseball, the PGA Tour and the English Premier League. DraftKings CBO – Industry ‘only just scratched the surface’ of US sports betting July 16, 2020 Share StumbleUponlast_img read more

Boylesports builds up social profile with OffTheBall Ireland

first_imgShare Submit Irish bookmakers demand clarity on reopening orders June 17, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Irish multi-media sports publisher OffTheBall ( has confirmed that Boylesports will be the title sponsor for its dedicated football and GAA (hurling) content coverage.Focusing on delivering sports insights, opinion and debate through social media verticals (YouTube, Facebook, podcasts etc..) OffTheBall has become Ireland’s leading publisher of daily sports content.Agreeing to an initial 12-month contract, Boylesports will become the title sponsor for all OffTheBall syndicated content relating to football and GAA coverage.Confirming the deal, Ger Gilroy Managing Director from OffTheBall, said:“We are delighted to be working with BoyleSports on this partnership, which is the biggest sponsorship to date across the Communicorp Group. From March, BoyleSports will be partnering with us on all video, digital, radio and events content for football and GAA. We are really looking forward to developing this new partnership to allow us deliver more innovative content than ever, to our very loyal audience.”As title sponsor, Boylesports will gain brand coverage throughout OffTheBall’s social and video channels, with bookmaker further sponsoring OffTheBall’s popular live Irish Sports shows throughout 2018.Backing OffTheBall coverage, Leon Blanche from BoyleSports said: “We are really excited to announce this partnership between BoyleSports and, which delivered record high audience figures in the latest JNLR results. We are looking forward to collaborating with the OffTheBall team, to supply fantastic content and promotions for their audience across their football & GAA platforms.” Related Articles SportCaller drives engagement with Off The Ball quizzes June 11, 2020 BoyleSports signs Coventry City sponsorship August 21, 2020last_img read more

Sportdec CEO Bruce Bale – Addressing non-betting football fans

first_img UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Share Camelot aims for ‘Big September’ supporting a high street recovery August 26, 2020 Share National Lottery Community Fund issues £14m in Climate Action grants August 24, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articles Submit Innovation forms a crucial aspect of many industries, particularly amongst the plethora of spheres within gambling and gaming globally.With the cost of acquiring new customers and the rate of churn increasing, one particular challenge is how to engage and monetise new customers.Bruce Bale, CEO of Sportdec, briefly discusses this challenge and the motivation for innovation: “[It] is about increasing revenues from the customers you already have, it’s about acquiring customers from competitors, and in particular about acquiring brand new customers, and how do you do that by driving them to be more engaged to play more frequently, to become more engaged in terms of the number of bets they place on individual events, and to improve margin.”Football is one such example where monetising non-betting fans is proving particularly tricky, with studies showing 23.3m football fans currently reside within the United Kingdom, however 79.5% are currently inactive in a betting capacity.The wider picture highlights 45% of fans do gamble, but 31% of those play the National Lottery only, with just 18% overall showing some form of betting activity on football. Social media has long been hailed as the answer, but with Bale highlighting a significant decline in engagement, the number of people seeing posts from gambling companies, and the number following them on the various platforms and having a propensity to gamble as result, the impact of social media is seemingly on a downward spiral.“What else can we do differently? I believe the answer lies in viral effects and network effects.”Social games are similarly disregarded, with the majority of these focused on casino, alongside just 7% of global revenue for the vertical coming from Western Europe, with the UK a fraction of that. Bale stated: “So if not through social media and through social games, what else can we do differently? I believe the answer lies in viral effects and network effects.”Adding on the differences between the two: “A viral product centres on acquiring more new users for free. If I can acquire one person, how many other new users will that person invite, which reduces cost of acquisition and CPI – the more people I get, the more people that are likely to continue to join.“The difference between viral and network effects is that those products are about creating defensibility, building an audience, building scale, where there is less incentive from users to leave that product or for new users to use a competitor product rather than our own.”Asking the question “Has innovation led us to successfully adopt strategies that optimise for virality?” Bale picks out six key examples of viral effects he believes could be successfully leveraged by the industry:Referral Loops – “How can we truly incentivise users in the same way that Airbnb would incentivise me as a guest to have others become guests, and therefore give me credit, or incentivise hosts for others to become hosts and receive credit?”Double Viral Loops –  “How do we actually get people to connect with each other in the same way Facebook and LinkedIn do?” Additional Product Incentives – “What can we do around additional product incentives that don’t actually cost us money? DropBox gives you 2GB of free memory when you join, and then for every person you invite, you can have an additional 500MB – up to a maximum of 32 people, an additional 16GB. I think it could be interesting to explore what the equivalent may be for us in football and sports betting.”Making Sharing Easy – “How can we leverage tools that products such as Gmail and others have used, around the launch of products, restricting early access but facilitating invites through existing users who are friends.”Make Sharing Fun – “How can we leverage the competitive element? I think there’s definitely a sensitivity around sharing our betting behaviour in a public forum, but there is a way to compartmentalise that privately, so we can still compare our own performance to our friends, even perhaps in non-monetary ways.”Leverage Existing Platforms – “How can we leverage the networks that are already out there, Facebook, Twitter and more particularly the messaging networks, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger?”“There’s definitely an opportunity for innovation, by providing sports fans with a new alternative”Network effects as defined by NfX, a San Francisco investment firm, come in 13 types, which in turn fall into main categories of direct, two-sided, data, tech performance and interpersonal/social. Bale added: “I think what people really look at now is where there are more people on a network, more value can be created, if you truly leverage one or more of these network effects. “Those are the products that truly have defensibility, those are the ones that create significant multiples of value for their customers, and therefore also for their investors.”Pointing to a belief that an answer lies in a more social aspect: personalisation, customisation, the ability to make real world connections or simply play with friends, whilst also utilising networks to allow sharing through private groups, Bale concludes: “There’s definitely an opportunity for innovation, by providing sports fans with a new alternative, a different offering to capture the attention of those that haven’t bet to date.”Adding: “It’s very much a broad sports fan focused approach, the idea of taking someone who is a casual football fan, or a casual sports fan, on an experience where they are going to enter a pay-to-play game; actually for the first time in many cases when they ‘bet’ for the first time.”Bruce Bale was speaking at the years Betting on Football Conference at Stamford Bridge, with a presentation entitled “Playing the Game – how to engage and monetise non-betting football fans.”last_img read more

Swedish government calls for review of ‘excessive’ gambling advertising

first_img LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 StumbleUpon Share Svenska Spel delivers on social mandate despite COVID-19 impacts July 20, 2020 Submit Betsson outrides pandemic challenges as regulatory dramas loom July 21, 2020 Related Articles Share Hosting a press conference, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi has confirmed that the government will undertake a review of ‘aggressive marketing practices’ attached to licensed gambling incumbents.The Swedish government has sanctioned the Gaming Market Commission – Spelmarknadsutredningen to carry out the review – assessing whether to implement new tools or restrictions on ‘overly aggressive’ marketing practices.In its mandate, Spelmarknadsutredningen will be asked to consider whether the introduction of new ‘advertising control tools/functions’ will reduce harmful gambling.The commission will further be asked to assess whether standard operator marketing functions such as bonuses, jackpots and free spins should be limited or restricted.In addition, Spelmarknadsutredningen will be tasked with detailing regulatory guidance on the introduction of stricter controls on gambling advertising and marketing – assessing potential product bans and broadcast restrictions.Addressing national media, Shekarabi stated that the Spelmarknadsutredningen review had been sanctioned to address concerns attached ‘excessive advertising, witnessed in Sweden’s newly reformed gambling marketplace’.In previous updates, Shekarabi had warned licensed incumbents of excessive advertising, calling for betting leadership to present a responsible advertising roadmap.Three months into Sweden’s new regulatory framework, concerns have arisen with regards to problem gambling controls and the gambling industry’s image.This April, Svenska Spel Chief Executive Patrik Hofbauer ordered the state-owned operator to terminate all casino related advertising immediately.Hofbauer branded industry advertising as unstainable, stating that Svenska Spel could not support the advertising a vertical labelled as the ‘most harmful for Swedish consumer’ by the Swedish Public Health Authority.last_img read more

Malta businesses criticise the country’s COVID-19 rescue package

first_img EU research agency demands urgent action on loot box consumer safeguards July 29, 2020 Share Soft2Bet continues new market drive with Irokobet launch August 26, 2020 Share TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Submit Malta’s business community and trade unions have urged the government to rethink terms and conditions attached to its €1.8 billion COVID-19 ‘rescue package’.Last week, Malta’s new Prime Minister Robert Abela presented the Labour Party’s COVID-19 economic pledge, focusing on maintaining liquidity of Malta businesses.The Malta Treasury’s headline policy saw the government commit to a €1.6 billion liquidity fund which will absorb a reported €700 million in tax deferrals and €900 million in business-loan guarantees.Supporting its economic measures, Malta’s government will also provide businesses with access to a €4.5 billion credit facility, mitigating long-term COVID-19 impacts.During the isolation period, all Malta registered businesses will be compensated with a €350 per employee ‘quarantine leave’ payment.The Malta government added that it will provide €800 per month in guaranteed benefits to any Maltese or EU National who is made redundant during the outbreak period.Publishing the terms of Malta’s relief package, Abela underlined that the measures had been undertaken in cooperation with Malta’s business community.   However, the Malta Employers Association (MEA) has criticised the government’s economic plan, stating that the package guarantees were ‘different to the label’.Issuing a statement to the media, it bemoaned the fact that the economic plan focuses on tax deferments, rather than the outright cancellation of payments, during a global crisis period. In addition, the MEA and further Malta trade unions argue that Labour Party measures are insufficient for hospitality and leisure incumbents impacted by the loss of tourism revenues.“The bulk of the package is a deferment – not cancellation – of VAT and Social Security payments, and loan guarantees,” the statement read. “The impetus should have been more on wage subsidisation, rather than liquidity. This would have been more effective to protect jobs in the private sector.” Related Articles StumbleUponlast_img read more

Catena sanctions board makeover as Kathryn Baker resigns from Chair duties

first_img StumbleUpon Submit Share Share Webinar launched exploring sports betting partnerships and market access in US March 8, 2019 Optimizer Invest appoints Grant Williams to lead Megalotto property March 29, 2019 Related Articles Catena restructures board as Optimizer Invest decreases shareholding February 22, 2019 Industry affiliate marketing publisher Catena Media Plc has informed investors that it will make significant changes to its board following a number of resignations. Issuing a market filing, the Stockholm-listed firm confirmed that Kathryn Baker has declined to seek re-election as Chairwoman. Baker is joined by Mats Alders and Cecilia Qvist who have chosen to resign from board duties.  Reacting to recent developments, Catena’s Nominations Committee has put forward to investors that independent director Göran Blomberg should be elected as new Chairman of the Board. Blomberg, the former CFO of Swedish retailer ICA Group, who has served as a Catena governance advisor since February 2019, following the divestment of equity by former Malta venture capital investor Optimizer Invest.Further changes see Catena Nominations Committee propose to investors the appointments of Adam Krejcik and Marcus Lindqvist as new board members.US wagering expert Adam Krejcik is the co-founder and partner of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming LLC – a research and insights consulting firm that follows digital and interactive gaming trends.Marcus Lindqvist is the Chief Executive of Swedish digital retailer Qliro Group, the operating company of leading Swedish fast-fashion brand Nelly.Moving forward, Catena has outlined its intention to reduce its size to six members. Catena investors will be required to vote on the Nominations Committee’s proposals at the firm’s AGM scheduled for 15 May 2020, held in Stockholm Sweden.last_img read more

Gamesys maintains UK growth as Euro regulatory headwinds stall performance

first_img Share Enlarged Gamesys returns to UK growth eyeing FTSE250 spot  March 17, 2020 Gamesys Group has lauded its ability to mitigate COVID-19 complications, implementing ‘more restrictive advertising and bonusing requirements’ across its active European markets domains.Publishing its H1 2020 interim results (period ending 30 June), Gamesys revealed that regulatory headwinds in Sweden had contributed to the decline in revenues, with implications hampering its European operations falling by 4% from £36 million to £34.4 million. The short-term restrictions on advertising and bonus offers in Spain were lifted in early June, which Gamesys stated they are ‘awaiting the introduction of further measures’.Elsewhere in Europe, Gamesys predicted that it will continue to deliver good growth in Germany, while explaining that ‘the Nordics, and particularly Sweden, remain challenging and therefore we are not investing significantly in customer acquisition in this region at the present time’.Demonstrating the growth of online gaming during the coronavirus pandemic, Gamesys recorded a significant jump in gaming revenues for its UK operations, increasing from £78 million in H1 2019 to £197.4 million in 2020. The group’s revenues from its Asian operations also increased to £98.9 million, up from £51.5 million in the corresponding period last year. The increases, according to Gamesys, were largely driven by ‘organic growth of the Group’s online gaming segment’ as well as the results of the Gamesys acquisition of JPJ for £490m in September.Commenting on the results, Lee Fenton, CEO, Gamesys Group, said: “It has been very pleasing to oversee another strong half-year performance, with reported gaming revenues doubling across the Group year-on-year. “Our strong brands, operational control and proprietary technology have allowed us to drive growth in established markets such as the UK, while also delivering strong results in fast-growing markets in Asia and ROW. “At the heart of this has been our commitment to responsible gambling, which was vital during a period in which many of our players were living in lockdown. As a result, we took decisive action during the period to enhance our player protection, both through investing in new capabilities and resources, and also ceasing certain marketing activities. “We believe that this enlarged and highly engaged customer base will be key to driving sustainable growth in the future, positioning us well for the exciting opportunities ahead.”Adjusted EBITDA also increased during the period, rising by 19% from £87.2 million to £103.9 million while net income rose by 68% to £68.1 million.Average active players per month grew to 640,436 in the twelve months to 30 June 2020, an increase of 14% year-on-year.Gamesys also noted that it would undergo a series of leadership changes from the second period of the year with Neil Goulden, executive chair of Gamesys Group, confirming that he will return to the position of non-executive.He said: “The Group has produced a strong first half financial performance despite the clear and striking challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all our employees across the Group during this difficult time, without which we would not have been able to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers. “Having led the Group through a transformational period – one that has seen us relist on the London Stock Exchange; subsequently obtain a Premium Listing; successfully merge with and rebrand as Gamesys; become a FTSE-250 constituent; and now introduce a progressive dividend policy – I believe the time is right for me to return to the position of non-executive Chair, which will be effective from 1 October 2020. “Following the Gamesys Acquisition in September 2019, we now have an exceptionally strong executive team in place and have successfully integrated the two businesses and delivered strong, sustainable results. The business is in very good hands and I look forward to supporting Lee and his team going forward.”In addition, Simon Wykes will finish his role as Transition Director on 30 September 2020 and step down from the Board. Gamesys praised Wykes’ ‘integral’ role in the team ‘that delivered the Gamesys Acquisition and has shaped the combination of the two businesses since completion’. Gamesys halts UK advertising during lockdown April 23, 2020 Share Related Articles Gamesys tops list for GambleAware Q1 donations July 10, 2020 Submit StumbleUponlast_img read more

Roland Garros: Serena Williams dumped out in 3rd round

first_imgThree-time champion Serena Williams was stunned in the French Open third round by unseeded American Sofia Kenin.Williams, 37, was seeded 10th but lost 6-2 7-5 to her 20-year-old compatriot, who was at times booed by the crowd.The defeat means Williams’ quest to equal Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam singles titles continues.“I’m so happy with this win – obviously you can tell with these emotions,” a crying Kenin told the crowd on Philippe Chatrier.“Playing against Serena, you have to fight for every point.”Williams’ defeat followed the shock exit by world number one Naomi Osaka a few hours earlier and leaves only three top-10 players in the women’s draw.Earlier in the day, defending champion Simona Halep enjoyed a straightforward 55-minute victory, beating Ukraine’s Lesia Tsurenko 6-2 6-1 to reach the last 16.World number 35 Kenin will play Australian eighth seed Ashleigh Barty in the fourth round, while Halep faces unseeded 18-year-old French Open debutant Iga Swiatek.last_img read more

AFCON 2019: Serero, Veldwijk in Bafana Afcon squad, Erasmus misses out

first_img Source: SuperSport He has kept the bulk of his tried and tested defenders and midfielders while the strike force will be spearheaded by Percy Tau, Lebo Mothiba, Lars Veldwijk, Lebogang Maboe and Sibusiso Vilakazi.Baxter said he was pained to drop Makaringe, Motshwari and Erasmus a day before the squad flies out to Dubai on Monday to intensify their training but assured the three that their future in top flight football was bright.The Bafana Bafana coach added that Erasmus has shown great professionalism throughout the week but as Afcon rules would dictate, he can only take 23 players to Egypt.The coach also said he was leaving the country with lots of positive prospects especially with his strikers having shown a huge appetite for goals.In Dubai, Bafana Bafana will play against Ghana in an international friendly before heading to Egypt where they will play another friendly.Bafana Bafana are in Group D, together with Ivory Coast who they play in their opening Group game, Namibia and Morocco.SQUAD:Goalkeepers: Darren Keet (Bidvest Wits), Rowen Williams (SuperSport United), Bruce Bvuma (Kaizer Chiefs).Defenders: Daniel Cardoso, Ramahlwe Mphahlele (both Kaizer Chiefs), Thulani Hlatshwayo, Buhle Mkhwanazi, S’fiso Hlanti (all BidVest Wits), Innocent Maela (Orlando Pirates), Thamsanqa Mkhize (Cape Town City).Midfielders: Bongani Zungu (Amiens), Hlompho Kekana, Tiyani Mabunda, Themba Zwane (all Mamelodi Sundowns), Dean Furman (SuperSport United), Kamohelo Mokotjo (Brentford, England), Thulani Serero (Vitesse, Netherlands), Thembinkosi Lorch (Orlando Pirates).Strikers: Lebo Mothiba (Strasbourg, France), Percy Tau (Royal Union St Gilloise, Belgium), Lars Veldwijk (Sparta Rotterdam, Netherlands), Lebogang Maboe, Sibusiso Vilakazi (both Mamelodi Sundowns). Bafana Bafana coach Stuart Baxter on Sunday named his final 23-man squad which many analysts say is a solid and balanced team.Baxter omitted Fortune Makaringe, Ben Motshwari and Kermit Erasmus among those who have been in camp throughout the week and have been training at Steyn City School in Fourways. Already missing from the week-long camp were Keagan Dolly (groin injury) and Rivaldo Coetzee who left to be with his ailing mother in the Northern Cape.Coach Baxter has retained most of the players that have been doing duty in the Afcon qualifiers with goalkeepers being Darren Keet, Ronwen Williams and Bruce Bvuma.last_img read more

South Korea fans to sue over ‘mental anguish’ after Ronaldo fails to play in preseason friendly

first_imgSome South Korean fans are demanding compensation after Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo failed to make an appearance in a preseason friendly between Juventus and a K-League all-star team on Tuesday.Ronaldo remained on the bench for the entire duration of the match for Juventus despite having been contracted to play 45 minutes of the match.The match had also been set to start at 8:00pm but kick-off was delayed by about an hour, with Juventus only arriving at the  Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:15 p.m.The irate Korean fans – about 63,000 of them – many of whom had gone to the game to see the forward in action, began chanting the name of Ronaldo’s rival Lionel Messi.Reports indicate that the fans are demanding the 70, 000 they paid for the match tickets, the equivalent of GH¢319; 1,000 won each (GH¢4.56) for the ticket commission fee and 1 million won each (GH¢4,560) for  “mental anguish”.The K League, who manage pro football in South Korea has also sent a letter of protest to Juventus FC for its breach of contract regarding Ronaldo’s gametime.They described the Italian champions as arrogant and irresponsible due to their actions before and after the match in the letter.Juventus had reportedly demanded that the length of the match to two halves of 40 minutes each and have a 10-minute halftime break, threatening to cancel the match unless the demands were met.The K-League has also sent complaints to the Serie A and the Asian Football Confederation.“We’ve sent a letter to Juventus to protest against the club’s breach of contract, including Ronaldo’s nonappearance,” Kim Jin-hyung, the Public Relations Officer of the K League, said in a press briefing after the game.“The kick-off time was delayed about an hour and Ronaldo did not play. That’s the problem. Juventus had been confident that they could hold the match on time despite their tight schedule.”Ronaldo was also expected to meet the Korean fans after the game but this did not happen either.The K-League has contacted TheFasta, who set up the match with Juventus, to measure the damage for the breach of contract.“Ronaldo didn’t play, and Juventus didn’t hold a fan meeting either. “We will precisely calculate the exact amount of damage and ask TheFesta to pay the penalty.”LawsuitThe South Korean fans have spoken to a law firm in the capital Seoul, Myungan to initiate the legal proceedings.“Normally in such cases the plaintiffs will be refunded the price of the tickets, but I put this under a special case since the company, through false advertising, took advantage of the football star’s fans,” a lawyer from the law firm told Reuters.“As for the mental anguish part, I’d like to say some of them are raucous fans, the real avid fans. So for them it is very painful because they love Ronaldo and want to protect him, but they can’t, given the situation,” he addedlast_img read more