Wine Spectator: Croatia won 3rd place with a Zagreb wine story

first_imgBy the way, Zagreb is the hometown of a sommelier with a WSET L3 degree and the founder of the Sekunde Digital agency, Martina Miličević, but also probably a lesser-known wine destination for wine lovers who come to Croatia.  As Miličević points out, the idea behind the project was to show how little we need to escape from the metropolis to another, wine world. Even if we are not a wine lover, every wine road in Zagreb County offers numerous facilities and truly enchanting nature. A short video that takes the viewer through the dynamic wine scene of Zagreb and the nearby vineyards was shot in collaboration with the Zagreb Tourist Board. That this is a significant promotion is shown by the fact that the digital edition of this reputable magazine, which focuses on wines & lifestyle, is visited by 1,1 million readers a month, and interestingly only advertising on such visited publications is much higher than investing in video production. The Zagreb agency reports: Award-winning video Winetastic Path Home see attached. If we add that the average American tourist in Croatia spends twice as much, almost 160 euros a day, this is a great way to communicate to the target market. And there is almost no competition because most of the stories are focused on wineries and the stories of their founders It was Wine Spectator that held it Video Contest 13th year in a row with the promotion of wine destinations, and in which a Zagreb wine story attracted attention and won the first world award for video production in the field of wine in Croatia.  The idea for the promotion of Zagreb at Wine Spectator is the result of cooperation between the tourist board and Sekunda Digital, an agency that specializes in these two domains, tourism and eno-gastronomy. The competition for winemakers is demanding, many American wineries use video in their strategies but few destinations use wine stories for this type of promotion. “The emphasis of this competition, as well as many other promotions, is always a story. Freelance, beautiful shots are often lost in the sea of ​​promotional videos we watch daily. The story remains. If we include in video production the powerful message we want to send, find credible people who can transmit it and find a channel where it could be sent, there is a great chance of success. Authentic and credible is something to strive for in communication. And communication is the basis of any good promotion. If you get people involved, then you’re a good promoter. ” Milicevic concludes. “We encountered a number of difficulties in trying to show winemakers the potential of video collaboration and the importance of consultation throughout the process. We decided to show them what they can do. No winemaker from Croatia has ever applied for this world competition. He had no one to advise them and we are working to help them and change that together. It is very easy to record a promo video that you will only publish once. It is very difficult to find a partner in production who will suggest that you use the recorded video materials for different purposes and think outside the box. We are very grateful for the cooperation with TZG Zagreb, which recognized the potential of such video collaborations”Points out Martina Miličević from the agency Sekunde Digital.  Wine Spectator is the largest-circulation wine magazine in the world, and being present in it is an imperative of every wine destination and winemaker.  Namely, the video Winetastic Path Home, produced by Sekunde Digital, a specialized marketing agency in the wine and tourism sector, won 3rd place and, more importantly, great attention in the US market. This is the first time in 13 years that they have organized a Video Contest on the topic of wine, recognition and 3rd place went to Croatia with a Zagreb wine story.last_img read more

UNWTO: international tourism down 70%

first_imgTravel restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to hit global tourism hard, and the latest figures from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) show a 70% drop in international arrivals in the first eight months of 2020. Short-term recovery Demand for travel remains largely weak due to constant uncertainty about the pandemic and less confidence. Based on the latest trends, the UNWTO expects an overall decline close to 70% for the full year 2020. Decline in tourist arrivals in Croatia compared to 2019Source: U Source: UNWTO “This unprecedented decline has dramatic social and economic consequences and puts millions of jobs and businesses at risk.”, warned UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili, adding that this underscores the urgent need for a safe resumption of tourism, in a timely and coordinated manner. According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international arrivals fell by 81% in July and 79% in August. These are traditionally the two busiest months of the year and the peak of the summer season of the northern hemisphere. The fall to August represents 700 million fewer arrivals compared to the same period in 2019. This leads to a loss of $ 730 billion in revenue from international tourism. This is more than eight times the loss realized at the end of the global economic and financial crisis in 2009.center_img After the gradual reopening of international borders, Europe recorded relatively smaller declines in July and August, -72 and -69%, respectively. The recovery, however, was short-lived, as travel restrictions were introduced due to an increase in infection. On the other hand, Asia and the Pacific recorded the largest declines of -96% in both months, reflecting border closures in China and other major destinations in the region. All regions of the world recorded large declines in arrivals in the first eight months of this year. The first region affected by COVID-19, Asia-Pacific, noted reduction of arrivals by 79%, followed by Africa and the Middle East, both – 69%, Europe -68% and America -65%. The recovery in international demand is expected in the third quarter of 2021. A panel of UNWTO experts predicts the return of international tourism in 2021, mainly in the third quarter of 2021. However, around 20% experts suggests to the return could only happen in 2022. Travel restrictions are seen as a major obstacle to the recovery of international tourism, with slow virus control and low consumer confidence. The lack of a coordinated response among countries, to ensure harmonized protocols and coordinated constraints, as well as the deterioration of the economic environment, was also recognized by experts as important obstacles to recovery. The share of tourism in GDPSource: Ulast_img read more