LCD Soundsystem Announces Two-Nights At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

first_imgIt seems the LCD Soundsystem reunion tour is in full swing! After reuniting on Easter Sunday for their first show in five years, the band has added two more dates: August 2nd and 3rd at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. The group will be joined by Savages and Museum of Love, putting together two glorious nights of music for all involved.LCD just wrapped up a two night run at NYC’s Webster Hall, where the group came out in full force. The “warm-up” performances saw the band dive through a number of their older hits, including tracks like “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,” “I Can Change” and more. While the band has said that they’re working on new music, fans only have their lethargic Christmas song as evidence of new work.Still, with performances scheduled for major festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and more, there’s plenty of opportunities to see LCD Soundsystem at work.Check out the event poster for their newly-announced two-night Red Rocks run, and tickets can be found here. They go on sale this Friday, April 1st, at 10 AM.last_img read more

Marvel Years Shows Off His Electro-Soul On Forthcoming EP, ‘Bounce Back’ [Listen]

first_imgBurlington, VT electro-soul producer Marvel Years is dropping a hot new EP, Bounce Back, in a very non-traditional way. The 22-year old upstart is releasing one track a week until the entire EP is revealed, and keeping the suspense high and the anticipation intense with this approach. After joining the likes of Pretty Lights and GRiZ onstage in his early efforts, it was time for Marvel Years to break out on his own with an original voice. With Bounce Back he is moving in that direction, with a nod toward his influences as well.Beginning with wah-wah guitars and pounding drums in the Colorado style, Cory Wythe announces a funky breaks groove with “Go for Launch” that is sure to ignite dance floors. The build up is intense, its powerful and it serves to let the listener know that Marvel Years has arrived with maybe not a totally new, but definitely an improved style. The energy that this song will bring to a raging audience is undeniable.Wythe brings a glitch sound, that infuses his guitar prowess with elements of hip-hop, R&B, soul and electronic grooves. The mutiple identities and styles are evident on the second track he has released “Flowing for Eons”, where one can just imagine an emcee jumping on this beat with a proper flow. The electronic flourishes are there, this music definitely comes from the Pretty Lights family tree.Tune in to the two tracks below:With two songs now released to the public, the Bounce Back unveiling is fully underway. Rest assured, Marvel Years will be debuting more of his new mix during his slot at Fool’s Paradise this weekend. We can only imagine it will be more of the new school electro-soul that has put him on the map thus far. He may even have a few surprises in store for the fans as each week, a new song emerges.last_img read more

Listen To The Avett Brothers’ Rocking New Single, ‘Satan Pulls The Strings’

first_imgBeloved folk rockers The Avett Brothers are set to release their new album, True Sadness, on June 24th. The new release sees the band diving deeper into emotional waters, with previously released singles “True Sadness” and “Ain’t No Man” leading the charge. Today, there’s a brand new tune to check out: “Satan Pulls The Strings.”The song premiered on Billboard, and Seth Avett spoke to them about the track’s origin. “‘Satan Pulls the Strings’ started as a quiet and calm Depression-era banjo song… and somehow in the studio, it blossomed into a genre that I don’t even have a name for…the frenzied yet mechanical energy of it is a first for the band.”Listen to the new single below.last_img read more

Brilliant Phan Sets Adorable Muppets Video To Phish Music, And It’s Awesome

first_imgSometime deep in the hours of last night’s insane San Francisco run-closer, one fan uploaded a music video for the Phish song “Let Me Lie,” a song originally written for Trey Anastasio’s Bar 17 album and re-recorded on Phish’s 2009 Party Time. The song was also recently busted out earlier this summer, during the band’s performance at the XFINITY Theatre in Hartford. Starring in the music video are the lovable Muppets, Kermit and Piggy, who take bike rides through the park and “ride it slowly.”Enjoy this sweet love story, courtesy of YouTube user Chris M, which you can watch by clicking the video below!last_img read more

Remembering The Incredible “Concert For New York City” In The Wake Of 9/11 [Watch]

first_imgFollowing the tragic and horrific events of September 11th, 2001, New York City quickly galvanized in a way I had never witnessed. Everyone was searching for answers that would never be found, and we all realized that we had to return to our normal lives in one way or another. The grieving would have to stop, and, in lieu of that void, a celebration of life began.I was lucky to witness New York Mets superstar Mike Piazza and his towering home run against the Atlanta Braves on September 21st in person. It seemed like the first moment of true celebration since the towers came down. My family went home that night and stayed up late watching the America: A Tribute To Heroes telethon, which was broadcast on all of the major networks. Musical performances were provided by Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson and more to help raise $200 Million in aide and relief efforts. It was incredible, however this was just a warm-up for the outpouring of love and positivity that would come with the expertly executed Concert for New York City.The Concert for New York City was, by all means, the night that we as a city (and as a country) howled into the night in jubilation and celebration. The show featured a ridiculous lineup of rock icons mixed in which speeches by major politicians, skits by comedians, and short-films by New York filmmakers. Paul McCartney organized the event, and made sure to bring a ton of his musical friends from the U.K. as a sign of solidarity. Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, The Who, and Elton John all performed at the event, as did reclusive New York transplant David Bowie. McCartney made sure to include a ton of American talent as well, with James Taylor, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Melissa Ethridge, Goo Goo Dolls, and Backstreet Boys all featured alongside the British icons. It was a truly impressive effort, and I remember being in complete awe of the lineup when it was announced. America had been attacked for our way of life, and our response was to showcase the brightest and most talented artists of our time. The event was slated to take place on October 20th at the mecca of American entertainment, NYC’s Madison Square Garden.While the show featured several standout performances, it was the night’s opener that immediately connected with the audience. David Bowie opened the night with a beautiful solo take on Simon and Garfunkel‘s “America”. Bowie followed up with a short speech: “Hi, friends. Hi, fellow New Yorkers. I’d particularly like to say hello to the folks from my local ladder, you know where you are. I must say, it’s an absolute privilege to play for you tonight.” Bowie then launched into a celebratory version of “Heroes”. It was at this point that the cameras showed the audience, filled with police officers, firefighters, first responders, and the families of those lost in the tragedy. An emotional reveal for sure, and a powerful moment for all in the room, as all of these heroes weren’t seen mourning; rather, they were smiling, cheering, and celebrating life with each other, waving American flags throughout the evening and going crazy for their favorite musicians.Watch David Bowie perform Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” and his own “Heroes” at the Concert For New York City below: The other set that sticks out is the powerful, earth-shattering performance by veteran rockers The Who. Actor John Cusack, clearly a huge fan of the band, went absolutely wild when introducing them as he was surrounded by a sea of equally excited first responders. The band kicked off their set with a super-charged “Who Are You”, with Pete Townshend showcasing his wild guitar windmills all the while. The next track, “Baba O’Riley”, saw the audience bursting with energy, drowning out Roger Daltrey‘s vocals as they screamed the song’s “teenage wasteland” refrain. “Behind Blue Eyes” provided an emotional moment, before “Won’t Get Fooled Again” brought the roars back to MSG. The crowd ate up The Who’s passionate performance, and it served as the night’s greatest highlight. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” served as a rallying cry that evening, and it became the theme of the night, as well as the theme of an entire generation of Americans.Watch the entire powerful performance by The Who at the Concert for New York City, courtesy of Daily Motion’s IvorTheEngineDriver. The night contained plenty of other standout performances, almost too many to count. Many of the entertainers had close ties to New York City in one way or another; Billy Crystal performed a comedy routine; New Jersey hero Bon Jovi performed hits like “Living on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead Or Alive”; Brooklyn-boy Jay-Z performed “Izzo” (H.O.V.A.)”; Adam Sandler reprised his role as Operaman from Saturday Night Live for a raucous, Osama Bin Laden-themed comedy bit that had the crowd doubled over with laughter.Billy Joel took the stage to a huge ovation, and he returned the energy in kind with energetic performances of “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)” and a show-stopping version of “New York State of Mind”. Elton John delivered a standout version of “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” before his brother in keys, Billy Joel, returned to the stage to perform an excellent duet performance of “Your Song”. And, of course, the evening’s organizer, Paul McCartney, performed the show’s finale. He delivered a six-song set that included emotional takes on “Yesterday” and “Let It Be”, as well as the debut of his song “Freedom”, which had been written as a response to the attacks. He encouraged the crowd to clap along with the song’s beat, providing a true moment of togetherness between the audience and quite possibly the world’s most legendary living musician. He performed the new number while surrounded by giddy first responders form the NYPD and NYFD.The benefit concert, which was aired live on MTV sister network VH1, raised $35 Million over the course of its broadcast. The concert would go on to be considered one of the most important nights in modern musical history, and in the long and winding history of New York City. For one night, the entire city and country was aligned in celebration, in mourning, and in togetherness. It set the tone for all of us to finally move forward, with the entire city buying into the “won’t get fooled again” mantra that The Who had provided. It was an unbelievable night indeed, and all who witnessed it at MSG or on television at home saw something special, unique, and perfect.The Concert for New York City is available for viewing on YouTube for a ridiculously low price of $3.99, which you can access by clicking here. The run-time is just under five hours, and contains all of the night’s performances and short-films. It may be fifteen years later, but the raw emotion and feelings of unity feel just as strong today as they did all those years ago. It made a huge impression on me as a teenager, the impact of which I can still feel to this day. Music provided the ultimate moment of peace, release, togetherness, and relief. It was a remarkable, inspirational night that showcased the awesome power of artistic expression.Peace and love to everyone affected by the attacks on September 11th, 2001. Thanks to all of the first responders for their heroics, and thanks to my beloved New York City for turning such a tragedy into so much positivity and togetherness.Listen to Paul McCartney’s 9/11-inspired anthem “Freedom”, performed live at the Concert for New York City, courtesy of YouTube user nowhereman113.last_img read more

Listen To Phish’s Glorious 38-Minute Version Of “46 Days” From Limestone 2003

first_imgA beloved jam vehicle for Phish in the 2000’s, the Round Room track “46 Days” is always emphatically met with cheers whenever placed in a setlist. Whether it is a short-but-sweet jam in the first set or an extended space-funk odyssey in the second half, “46 Days” never fails to incite an energetic response from the fans.The song made its debut on Saturday Night Live in 2002, as Phish tested the track on national television before performing it at a show. While the first few live renditions were certainly well-received, all bets were off during the song’s sixth appearance at the IT Festival. On August 3rd of 2003, Phish took “46 Days” to new cosmic heights as the opening of the third set, giving the song a full-fledged marathon jam that clocked in at 38:30.The “Jam Chart” annotation does perhaps the best job of succinctly describing this epic display. “Haunting, thrumming, mind blowing, and masterful. The band wastes little time departing from “46 Days” and descends into an underworld soundscape filled with all sorts of chilling effects, eerie sounds and more. After nearly 20 minutes of deep exploration, the band resurfaces with 15 minutes of (appropriately) low intensity, more musically oriented improvisation, and ultimately finishes off “46 Days” in the closing minutes.”Feast your ears, below. If you’re attending Phish’s New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden, there are plenty of concerts to attend during the in-between. For fans of the jam, head to any of these shows in the area for a guaranteed good time!12/28: Aqueous + Mungion @ DROM (Phish After-Party) – tickets 12/30: PhanArt w/ Formula 5 @ American Beauty (Phish After-Party) – FREE SHOW 12/30-31: Spafford & Magic Beans @ American Beauty (Phish After-Party) – ticketslast_img read more

Watch The Disco Biscuits’ Full Performance On Night Two Of NYE Run [Pro-Shot]

first_imgThe Disco Biscuits sunk into night two of their three night stand at the famed Tabernacle venue in Atlanta, GA last night. It was a scorcher from the get-go, with “Mindless Dribble” stepping right up to the plate and into “Shem Ra Boo.” The play continued with an unforgettable “Nughuffer” extended jam, that featured “Tempest” and “Great Abyss” fake outs and into an inverted version of “Mulberry’s Dream” before bringing “Nughuffer” back for the home run. The first set was a dream, and the second set continued the fire.The second set was an enormous “Caterpillar” sandwich, with “Spacebirdmatingcall”, “Safety Dance”, and “Air Song” as the ingredients, and “Svenghali” to dress it up. The encore brought the happy ending with “Home Again”, as fans could rest assured that they had another night of Biscuits ahead of them.Check out a full video from the band, below.The Disco Biscuits | The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA | 12/30/16:I: Mindless Dribble-> Shem Ra Boo, ¿Donde?, Nughuffer (w/ Tempest & Great Abyss fake outs)-> Mulberry’s Dream (inverted)-> NughufferII: Caterpillar-> Spacebirdmatingcall, Safety Dance, Resurrection-> Air Song-> Caterpillar, SvenghaliE: Home Again[Cover Photo by Dave Vann]last_img read more

Joey Dosik Captivates Sellout Crowd In NYC Performance [Gallery]

first_imgDosik lead his talented trio through selections from his Game Winner EP, debuted a new solo arrangement of Game Winner track “Competitive Streak” (performed with delicate beauty on a classical acoustic guitar), covered The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, challenged to crowd to rap along with a Will Smith song, and even treated the sold-out crowd to new tune dedicated to his grandmother (which he hinted would be sung by Antwaun Stanley on an upcoming Vulfpeck release). Dosik closed out his set with an extended performance of “Game Winner” featuring an amusing first-hand musical recounting of the highly publicized Charles Oakley/James Dolan drama that took place during his “second to last” trip to see the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.Before the encore, Dosik commented, “One thing we need to do more as a society is listen to women,” and brought up longtime friend Nadia Tykulsker for a reading of James Baldwin‘s poem “Paradise” before sending the audience home with tender ballad “Simply Beautiful.”You can catch Joey Dosik and his many musical talents on the road with Lake Street Dive throughout February and March. Head here for a full list of upcoming dates.Setlist: Joey Dosik | (le) Poisson Rouge | New York, NY | 2/19/17Inside Voice, Don’t Want It To Be Over, Running Away, Arrow Through Me, Past The Point, Don’t Let Me Down, Grandma Song^, Stories^, Competitive Streak^**, What’s Happening Brother^, Take Mine^, Game Winner^ENCORE: James Baldwin poem “Paradise” read by Nadia Tykulsker, Simply Beautiful **Played on classical guitar; ^Solo Joey Dosik | (le) Poisson Rouge | New York, NY | 2/19/17 (photos by Andrew O’Brien) On Sunday evening, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Joey Dosik made his way to New York City’s (le) Poisson Rouge for his final headlining performance before an extended run of dates supporting Lake Street Dive. As he mentioned in his interview with Live For Live Music last week, Dosik was particularly excited for the intimate performance–a rare chance to perform on a real grand piano and indulge his cocktail lounge singer proclivities while simultaneously doing things “you’ll never see at a jazz show in 2017.” “This is totally my element,” gushed Dosik, “This is a therapy session for me tonight.”While each song on the setlist was beautifully performed, the true magic of the performance came from the charismatic showmanship and colorful commentary that he expertly wove into the set. Clearly relaxed and enjoying himself, Dosik crooned about the meanings of songs, told stories, and waxed nostalgic without breaking his musical stride. The audience, in turn, laughed and cheered along, hanging on his every word. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

The Benevento/Russo Duo Were On Another Level At Freaks Ball XVII

first_imgThe Benevento / Russo Duo | Freaks Ball XVII | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 2/25/2017Best Reason To Buy The Sun, Sunny’s Song, 9X9, Soba, Powder @, Walking, Running, Viking, Welcome Red, Becky #, Scratchitti $ > Something For Rockets, Hate Frame, My Pet GoatEncore: Play, Pause, [email protected] – First Time Played since Fall 2006, Joe on Guitar#- With a “25 or 6 to 4” (Chicago) Tease (MB)$ – With a “Tom Sawyer” (Rush) Tease (MB)[Setlist courtesy of Peter Costello] Last night, New York’s vibrant musical community known as the “Freaks” descended on Brooklyn Bowl for the seventeenth annual “Freaks Ball”. “Freaks Ball” is a gathering that typically centers around the Freaks and their favorite local musicians that the vibrant New York City music community has to offer. In years past, local artists like Warren Haynes, Robert Randolph, Eric Krasno have taken the reins of Freaks Ball to create amazing improvisational music, with acts like Anders Osborne, The New Mastersounds, American Babies, and more playing the event over the course of seventeen years.However, the undisputed king of Freaks Ball is Sir Joe Russo. Last night’s edition marked Russo’s fourteenth appearance at Freaks Ball, and he has made a habit out of surprising the audience with unique and special performances. Freaks Ball 2012 saw a rare appearance by Russo and his all-instrumental Led Zeppelin cover band, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, while the 2013 event marked the first ever performance by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. Almost Dead, of course, turned into the wildly successful touring juggernaut that we know and love today, and they returned to Brooklyn Bowl for Freaks Ball for the next few years, turning the party into a three-night run in 2016.One of the constants through many of Russo’s performances at Freaks Ball has been his partner-in-crime, keyboardist and organ master Marco Benevento, who marked his eighth appearance at Freaks Ball last night. With both Benevento and Russo names so synonymous with Freaks Ball, it made perfect sense for the musicians to bring their beloved project, theh Benevento/Russo Duo, to The Bowl for this year’s event.Affectionately referred to as, simply, “The Duo”, the group reunited late last year for the first time since 2010 with a tiny “secret” show at Three’s Brewing in Brooklyn, NY, and then played their first proper show in seven years on Jam Cruise. When the band was announced for this year’s Freaks Ball, their first real show on American soil in seven years, and their first appearance ever at their de facto home venue Brooklyn Bowl, tickets to the show sold out in 30 seconds. Anticipation for the night was massive, and, after a killer opening set from Wolf! featuring Almost Dead bandmate Scott Metzger (marking his fifteenth Freaks Ball!), The Duo took the stage and blew the excited crowd away with their mix of experimental jazz and indie rock.The band kicked things off with “Best Reason To Buy The Sun,” before things kicked into second gear with a gorgeous “Sunny’s Song.” It appeared as if Russo had eight arms on this one, nailing the complicated and energetic drum part with precision, all while Benevento created the song’s blissful melody. The song twisted and turned as The Duo worked a healthy amount of improvisation into the song. For fans who had waited seven (or more) years to see The Duo, “Sunny’s Song” provided everything they could’ve asked for.“9×9” was a continuation of the surreal vibes, and the crowd listened attentively as the band worked through the delicate track. Benevento truly shined on this song, providing both the melody and the bass line, showcasing an excellent focus and control that very few musicians could duplicate. The smile on Benevento’s face was infectious, and he could be spotted watching Russo with awe and appreciation all night long. Following a take on Play Pause Stop track “Soba”, Russo whipped out his guitar to create a melodic loop for the song “Powder,” the song’s first performance since 2006.After takes on “Walking, Running, Viking” and “Welcome Red”, the energy in the room shot up once again, as the familiar drum loop of “Becky” began. “Becky” is perhaps The Duo’s most recognizable song, and the crowd at The Bowl went wild for the fan-favorite, which featured a tease of “25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago. The Duo then started up “Scratchitti,” which served as the evening’s energetic peak. Both musicians flexed their improv muscles early and often during this raucous track, which eventually transitioned into “Something For Rockets” after a pronounced tease of “Tom Sawyer” by Rush.The Benevento/Russo Duo closed out the show with “Hate Frame” and the sample-heavy “My Pet Goat”, which closes out their classic album The Best Reason To Buy The Sun. The band left the stage to uproarious applause, returning to encore with “Play, Pause, Stop,” giving the audience one more opportunity to watch these masterful artists create the beautiful music that launched their careers.The Benevento/Russo Duo have no announced plans for any future shows, but after last night’s magical set at Freaks Ball, one can only hope that the band has plans for a few more performances. No project this prolific, this exciting, and this original should be on the shelf for that long.Listen to a full audio recording of the show, courtesy of taper Matt Moricle.See below for a few videos of the performance from Instagram, a full gallery from Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography, and the setlist from Peter Costello. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Longtime Grateful Dead Roadie, Chris Charucki, Passes Away

first_imgChris Charucki, a prominent production manager within the Grateful Dead family, has passed away. As explained by in a 2003 interview, Charucki first became connected to the Grateful Dead when he began working with them in 1993 through Ultra Sound. In the time since, he continued working with the band’s various offshoots, including touring with Furthur, RatDog, Bob Weir, and Dead & Company.Rest in peace, Chris. You will be deeply missed.last_img