The Governor of the Central Bank of BiH participated in the 6th meeting of the Governor of the Central Banks from the Region

first_imgThe Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), Senad Softić, Ph.D. participated in the 6th meeting of the Governor of the Central Banks from the Region and the Leaders of the Financial Sector, held in Rovinj, Republic of Croatia, on March 27, 2018. This meeting, organized by Business Magazine “Lider” and the Croatian National Bank, this year, focuses on the discussion about challenges faced by the economies of the countries from the Region in the light of the normalization of monetary policy in the euro area, as well as the resolution of accumulated non-performing loans (NPL).Addressing the potential effects of monetary policy normalization, the regional governors’ discussion attempted to answer the question of how much the expected tightening of global financial conditions would affect the macroeconomic performance of the emerging market, especially from the perspective of fiscal efficiency and financial stability. Being aware of the fact that the potential growth of interest rates could slow the credit and economic activity and the possible rise in NPLs, the aim was to see to what extent domestic companies and consumers are exposed to interest rate risk and which measures are likely to be available.“The CBBH, due to a Currency Board arrangement, cannot influence the level of interest rates in the country. Out of the macro prudential measures, only the required reserves are available to the CBBH. We continuously monitor and analyze the potential effects of monetary policy of the world’s leading economies. Depending on the type of risk, liquidity risk in the banking sector or the risk of uncontrolled cross-border outflow of foreign exchange liquid assets, the CBBH will use the required reserve instrument in all its segments, if necessary”, Governor Softić said, adding that if sooner or later, the growth of interest rates occurs, we expect it to be gradual, and should not represent a significant brake on economic development.“Small and open economies, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina’ one, should primarily focus on structural reforms, increase economic efficiency, make export competitive and resilient to external shocks”, Governor Softić concluded his address.(Source: cbbih, photo: dnevnilist)last_img read more

NHL signings 2020: Complete list of all 31 teams’ newest additions

first_imgNew York IslandersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSSamuel BolducD2019: 2nd rd, 57th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCBlade JenkinsF2018: 5th rd, 134th overallThree-year, $2.41 million ELCFROM ORR TO FLEURY: Best NHL goal celebrationsNew York RangersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSPatrick KhodorenkoFUDFA: Michigan State (NCAA)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCK’Andre MillerD2018: 1st rd, 22nd overallThree-year, $3.825 million ELCAustin RueschhoffFUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCJustin RichardsFUDFA: Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA)Two-year, $2.85 million ELCTyler WallG2016: 6th rd, 174th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCOttawa SenatorsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMark KastelicF2019: 5th rd, 125th overallThree-year, $2.465 million ELCKevin MandoleseG2018: 6th rd, 157th overallThree-year, $2.585 million ELCJonathan AspirotDUDFA: Belleville (AHL)Three-year, $2.305 million ELCArtem ZubDUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)One-year, $1.775 million ELCPhiladelphia FlyersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSWyatte WylieD2018: 5th rd, 127th overallThree-year, $2.625 million ELCTanner LaczynskiF2016: 6th rd, 169th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWade AllisonF2016: 2nd rd, 52nd overallTwo-year, $2.275 million ELCLinus SandinFUDFA: HV71 (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCPittsburgh PenguinsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDrew O’ConnorFUDFA: Dartmouth (NCAA)Two-year, $3.55 million ELCCameron LeeDUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)Two-year, $2.275 million ELCWill ReillyD2017: 7th rd, 217th overallTwo-year, $1.6 million ELCRadim ZohornaFUDFA: BK Mlada Boleslav (Czech)One-year, $925,000 ELCSan Jose SharksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBrinson PasichnukDUDFA (Arizona State)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCJohn LeonardF2018: 6th rd, 182nd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCAlexei MelnichukGUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)Two-year, $1.850 million ELCFredrik HandemarkFUDFA: Malmo (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCTimur IbragimovF2019: 6th rd, 164th overallThree-year, $2.46 million ELCSt. Louis BluesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSTyler TuckerD2018: 7th rd, 200th overall Three-year, $2.425 million ELCHugh McGingF2018: 5th rd, 138th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCScott PerunovichD2018: 2nd rd, 45th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCTampa Bay LightningPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDmitri SemykinD2018: 3rd rd, 90th overallThree-year, $2.44 million ELCToronto Maple LeafsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMikhail AbramovF2019: 4th rd, 115th overallThree-year, $2.430 million ELCFilip KralD2018: 5th rd, 149th overallThree-year, $2.43 million ELCAlexander BarabanovFUDFA: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMikko LehtonenDUDFA: Jokerit (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMAPLE LEAFS 2019-20: Best moments from the seasonVancouver CanucksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSWilliam LockwoodF2016: 3rd rd, 64th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCMarc MichaelisFUDFA: Minnesota State (NCAA)One-year, $700,000 contractNils HoglanderF2019: 2nd rd, 40th overallThree-year, $3.375 million ELCVegas Golden KnightsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJack DuganF2017: 5th rd, 142nd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWashington CapitalsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDamian RiatF2016: 4th rd, 117th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCWinnipeg JetsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSDylan SambergD2017: 2nd rd, 43rd overallThree-year, $3.525 million ELCThe above information is courtesy of CapFriendly. The St. Louis Blues added 2020 Hobey Baker Award winner Scott Perunovich while the Toronto Maple Leafs signed highly touted forward Alexander Barabanov and the Ottawa Senators nabbed defenseman Artem Zub.Below is a list of each team’s signings since March 1.NHL 2020 signingsAnaheim DucksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBryce KindoppFUDFA: Everett (WHL)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCTrevor ZegrasF2019: 1st rd, 9th overallThree-year, $5.325 million ELCJack BadiniF2017: 3rd rd, 91st overallTwo-year, $1.63 million ELCHunter DrewD2018: 6th rd, 178th overallThree-year, $2.38 million ELCRoman DurnyG2018: 5th rd, 147th overallTwo-year, $1.7475 million ELCFREE AGENCY TRACKER 2020: Full list of signings, best available playersArizona CoyotesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSRyan McGregorF2017: 6th rd, 172nd overallThree-year, $2.41 million ELCNate SuceseFUDFA: Penn State (NCAA)One-year, $820,000 ELCDavid TendeckG2018: 6th rd, 158th overallThree-year, $2.35 million ELCCameron CrottyD2017: 3rd rd, 82nd overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCMatias MaccelliF2019: 4th rd, 98th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCBoston BruinsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSNick WolffDUDFA: Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCJeremy SwaymanG2017: 4th rd, 111th overallThree-year, $3.15 million ELCJack AhcanDUDFA: St. Cloud State (NCAA)Two-year, $2.275 million ELCBuffalo SabresPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSBrandon BiroFUDFA: Penn State (NCAA)Two-year, $2.7 million ELCDawson DiPietroFUDFA: Western Michigan (NCAA)One-year, $750,000 ELCMattias SamuelssonD2018: 2nd rd, 32nd overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCalgary FlamesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSColton PoolmanDUDFA: North Dakota (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCConnor MackeyDUDFA: Minnesota State (NCAA)One-year, $1.35 million ELCEmilio PettersenF2018: 6th rd, 167th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCJohannes KinnvallDUDFA: HV71 (SHL)Two-year, $1.85 million ELCDustin WolfG2019: 7th rd, 214th overallThree-year, $2.48 million ELCCarolina HurricanesPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJason CottonFUDFA: Sacred Heart (NCAA)One-year $725,000 contractDavid CottonF2015: 6th rd, 169th overallTwo-year, $2.7 million ELCChicago BlackhawksPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSEvan BarrattF2017: 3rd rd, 90th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCAndrei AltybarmakyanF2017: 3rd rd, 70th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCMichal TeplyF2019: 4th rd, 105th overallThree-year, $2.48 million ELCMatej ChalupaFUDFA: HK Hradec Kralove (Czech)Two-year, $1.85 millionColorado AvalanchePLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJustus AnnunenG2018: 3rd rd, 64th overallThree-year, $3.150 million ELCColumbus Blue JacketsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJacob ChristiansenDUDFA: Everett (WHL)Three-year, $2.775 million ELCTim BerniD2018: 6th rd, 159th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCDallas StarsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJerad RosburgDUDFA: Michigan State (NCAA)One-year, $924,000 ELCDetroit Red WingsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSMathias BromeFUDFA: Orebro HK (SHL)One-year, $1.14 million ELCVictor BrattstromG2018: 6th rd, 160th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFREE AGENCY 2020: Complete list of all 31 teams’ UFA, RFA playersEdmonton OilersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSRaphael LavoieF2019: 2nd rd, 38th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCTheodor LennstromDUDFA: Frolunda (SHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCMarkus NiemelainenD2016: 3rd rd, 63rd overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFilip BerglundD2016: 3rd rd, 91st overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCFlorida PanthersPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAlec RauhauserDUDFA: Bowling Green State (NCAA)One-year, $770,000 contractMax GildonD2017: 3rd rd, 66th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCJohn LudvigD2019: 3rd rd, 69th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCole SchwindtF2019: 3rd rd, 81st overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCGrigori DenisenkoF2018: 1st rd, 15th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCLos Angeles KingsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAlex TurcotteF2019: 1st rd, 5th overallThree-year, $7.425 million ELCTyler Madden*FTrade with CanucksThree-year, $2.775 million ELCCole HultsD2017: 5th rd, 134th overallTwo-year, $2.1 million ELCJacob InghamG2018: 6th rd, 175th overallThree-year, $2.55 million ELC* Drafted in third round, 68th overall, by Canucks in 2018Minnesota WildPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSAdam BeckmanF2019: 3rd rd, 75th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCDamien GirouxF2018: 5th rd, 155th overallThree-year, $2.55 million ELCMitchell ChaffeeFUDFA: UMass-Amherst (NCAA)Two-year, $3.55 million ELCHunter JonesG2019: 2nd rd, 59th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCMontreal CanadiensPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSJesse YlonenF2018: 2nd rd, 35th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCVasili DemchenkoGUDFA: Chelyabinsk/Magnitogorsk (KHL)One-year, $925,000 ELCArsen KhisamutdinovF2019: 6th rd, 170th overallTwo-year, $1.59 million ELCAlexander RomanovD2018: 2nd rd, 38th overallThree-year ELCCameron HillisF2018: 3rd rd, 66th overallThree-year, $2.775 million ELCNashville PredatorsPLAYERPOSACQUIREDSTATUSCole SmithFUDFA: North Dakota (NCAA)One-year, $925,000 ELCPatrick HarperF2016: 5th rd, 138th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCThomas NovakF2015: 3rd rd, 85th overallTwo-year, $1.85 million ELCNew Jersey DevilsNone. Everything surrounding the NHL remains in flux — from the conclusion of the 2019-20 season to when the 2020-21 season will start — but that hasn’t stopped NHL general managers from signing the next crop of NHL players.Everyone from college stars to KHL players to draft picks are putting pen to paper and moving to the professional ranks in North America. Among the names added are a who’s who of youngsters from the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship, including the United States’ Trevor Zegras, Alex Turcotte and K’Andre Miller, Canada’s Raphael Lavoie and Russia’s Grigori Denisenko and Alexander Romanov.last_img read more