Wine Spectator: Croatia won 3rd place with a Zagreb wine story

first_imgBy the way, Zagreb is the hometown of a sommelier with a WSET L3 degree and the founder of the Sekunde Digital agency, Martina Miličević, but also probably a lesser-known wine destination for wine lovers who come to Croatia.  As Miličević points out, the idea behind the project was to show how little we need to escape from the metropolis to another, wine world. Even if we are not a wine lover, every wine road in Zagreb County offers numerous facilities and truly enchanting nature. A short video that takes the viewer through the dynamic wine scene of Zagreb and the nearby vineyards was shot in collaboration with the Zagreb Tourist Board. That this is a significant promotion is shown by the fact that the digital edition of this reputable magazine, which focuses on wines & lifestyle, is visited by 1,1 million readers a month, and interestingly only advertising on such visited publications is much higher than investing in video production. The Zagreb agency reports: Award-winning video Winetastic Path Home see attached. If we add that the average American tourist in Croatia spends twice as much, almost 160 euros a day, this is a great way to communicate to the target market. And there is almost no competition because most of the stories are focused on wineries and the stories of their founders It was Wine Spectator that held it Video Contest 13th year in a row with the promotion of wine destinations, and in which a Zagreb wine story attracted attention and won the first world award for video production in the field of wine in Croatia.  The idea for the promotion of Zagreb at Wine Spectator is the result of cooperation between the tourist board and Sekunda Digital, an agency that specializes in these two domains, tourism and eno-gastronomy. The competition for winemakers is demanding, many American wineries use video in their strategies but few destinations use wine stories for this type of promotion. “The emphasis of this competition, as well as many other promotions, is always a story. Freelance, beautiful shots are often lost in the sea of ​​promotional videos we watch daily. The story remains. If we include in video production the powerful message we want to send, find credible people who can transmit it and find a channel where it could be sent, there is a great chance of success. Authentic and credible is something to strive for in communication. And communication is the basis of any good promotion. If you get people involved, then you’re a good promoter. ” Milicevic concludes. “We encountered a number of difficulties in trying to show winemakers the potential of video collaboration and the importance of consultation throughout the process. We decided to show them what they can do. No winemaker from Croatia has ever applied for this world competition. He had no one to advise them and we are working to help them and change that together. It is very easy to record a promo video that you will only publish once. It is very difficult to find a partner in production who will suggest that you use the recorded video materials for different purposes and think outside the box. We are very grateful for the cooperation with TZG Zagreb, which recognized the potential of such video collaborations”Points out Martina Miličević from the agency Sekunde Digital.  Wine Spectator is the largest-circulation wine magazine in the world, and being present in it is an imperative of every wine destination and winemaker.  Namely, the video Winetastic Path Home, produced by Sekunde Digital, a specialized marketing agency in the wine and tourism sector, won 3rd place and, more importantly, great attention in the US market. This is the first time in 13 years that they have organized a Video Contest on the topic of wine, recognition and 3rd place went to Croatia with a Zagreb wine story.last_img read more

Conlon hoping for greater tests in the future

first_imgMichael Conlan says he’s hoping for greater tests in the future after cruising to victory in his second professional bout.He knocked down Mexican Alfredo Chanez in the first three rounds before the referee eventually called a stop to the fight.Conlan is next in action on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao’s world title fight in Australia later in the summer. The former world amateur champion says he came up against a unique opponent.last_img

Suspect in Lauderhill fish market murder collared

first_imgTrace Walker The man who is suspected of shooting a Jamaican national to death in the parking lot of a fish market in Lauderhill, South Florida is now behind bars.He has been identified as Trace O’Brian Walker.Walker was caught on video as he pumped 13 bullets into the upper body of 34-year-old Gary Wallock on January 16 outside the Lobster and Seafood Warehouse, 1854 NW 38 Avenue, Lauderhill.Wallock’s female companion, who was with him at the time of the murder managed to escape although the suspect aimed his handgun and fired two shots in her direction as she scampered to safety.Walker was arrested in Palm Beach County without incident by the Lauderhill Police Department with the assistance West Palm Beach Police Department, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshalls Service.Walker is in the custody at the Broward Main County Jail being held without bond.The Lauderhill Police say they have established no motive for the murder but word on the ground in his hometown of Flankers in Montego Bay, Jamaica is linking the incident to an ongoing lotto scam.last_img read more

The Senate’s Shameful and Cowardly Act

first_imgLast week the Liberian Senate passed a bill targeted at curtailing the eligibility of the Central Bank Governor to run for political office come 2017.It is clear that members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, some of whom may have political ambitions of their own, are petrified at the prospect of Dr. J. Mills Jones running for president. What Dr. Jones has done for the Liberian economy in empowering Liberian businesses has made him a rising star. But instead of strategizing to compete and win or lose honorably on substance (issues), the cowardly legislators have chosen to attempt to disqualify him – albeit unconstitutionally – so as not to have to compete with him man to man.Lawmakers are panicking, and the man has not even declared his intention to run!They have not only targeted Mills Jones but the entire CBL Board of Governors and its executives. Indeed, great minds think alike. Dr. Jones could not have done half of what he has accomplished without the unwavering support of his Board and executives. The late Theo Bettie comes to mind. As such, the Legislature has covered it bases well – or so it thinks.Besides the glaring bulls eye at Dr. Jones and the obvious unconstitutionality of the Senate’s decision (which legal experts believe will undoubtedly be challenged in the High Court), greater and deeper issues than Mills Jones are at stake: the trajectory of the Liberian economy and the nation as a whole are at stake!This is where the ‘foundational work’ often touted by this administration becomes extremely important. With the help of Liberia’s international partners, this administration, for all of its weaknesses, has sought to strengthen the institutions that undergird a solid and functioning democracy. Good governance and the rule of law, for example, are two key pillars. This administration has not been perfect, but it has made a good start. This is the foundation upon which the next administration will have to build with the continued support of our partners.But not if the current Legislature has anything to do with it. The Code of Conduct bill is already no doubt a bitter pill to swallow, a sign of things to come. A Mills Jones administration would only run with this straight to the finish line. They have to put a stop to this.”Gentlemen, ehn yor know ehn? We know how to twist and turn with the way things are right now. We can’t sit here for the people to come make us wear strait jacket. So we got to put stop to this ting here.””Hear, hear!””The way Mills Jones doin this ting, it lo leh he wan run for president.””Hmmm!””So, yor leh decide how to handle it.”We are certain that our readers get the idea. Many Legislators are people who only know how to operate in a lawless (or secret) society. Each man for himself; God for all.There is yet another question to be asked, however. Who else stands to benefit from this decision — that is willing to pay top dollar to block the onward march to development? Foreign businesses perhaps, who will not welcome the competition, let alone the Liberianization of the entire economy. And we are not just talking about Monrovia-based foreign merchants who are crippling the Liberian economy and undermining Liberian businesses; who are bringing in cheaply acquired expired goods and selling them at a premium. These merchants are terribly worried. They know that if an incoming administration continues on the current trajectory, their profit margins are threatened, their days in control numbered.We also mean multinationals who will not be happy to see the rules enforced, whistle-blower NGOs given face, and environmental best practices applied. Do-nothing NGOs, rubber, logging, mining and oil companies — this is a huge and very wealthy lobby.We call upon every Liberian to protest in every way other than violence against this bill; to stand up and let their lawmakers know that for their selfish attempt to limit the choices of the electorate, it is THEIR (lawmakers’) days that are numbered. Tick, tock!The law being proposed by the Senate MUST be vigorously and successfully resisted.  Every conscientious and patriotic Liberian and the entire Civil Society must get involved in challenging, in the Supreme Court, the Senate’s shameful and cowardly act.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more