Merry and bright?

first_imgAccording to the song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, it’s the time of year filled with added pressures, demands, and unrealistic expectations that leave them feeling decidedly less than wonderful.To better understand how the holiday season can trigger the blues ­— and how to avoid them ­— the Gazette spoke with Natalie Dattilo, director of psychology in the psychiatry department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, who specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety.Q&ANatalie DattiloGAZETTE: This is supposed to be a happy, joyous time of year, so why do so many end up feeling down around the holidays?DATTILO: With my patients I talk about stress being something we experience when the real and/or perceived demands of a situation outweigh our real or perceived resources. That’s one way to frame any sort of problem for which we are experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress or pressure or even burnout — in other words, what’s being asked of us is more than we have to offer.So what are our resources that we bring to a situation? We have our time, energy, money, in some cases, effort, and interest. Sometimes there’s just an imbalance when those resources are being depleted. And I think the holiday season is a good example of a time in which there’s an imbalance, that what’s being asked of us is more than what’s usually being asked of us, and that can be pretty stressful at baseline.And what’s being asked of us around the holidays? Well, we’re working hard to finish tasks and projects so that we can go enjoy some time with family and friends. So that time crunch is a real experience for people. There are social activities, and events, and people, and wrapping presents, and cooking meals, an entire additional list of things to do that are all really important, or supposed to be important, which I think is another perceived demand of the situation that can exacerbate our feelings of stress. So there are real demands, and then there are things that we put on top of that, like the expectation that it should be fun, and joyful, and everybody should be getting along, and feeling merry. Those expectations are all just adding more pressure to the situation because we might not be able to match them.Natalie Dattilo specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety.GAZETTE: Do you draw a distinction between stress and depression around the holidays?DATTILO: I do make a distinction, although it’s a fine distinction. For those of us who may be prone to experience bouts of depression, our risk for that is elevated during times of stress. If that is something that you know about yourself, that you are prone to bouts of depression, this time of year you could be particularly vulnerable simply because the stress at baseline is elevated and that’s a risk factor for episodes of depressive relapse.The connection for me between periods of prolonged stress and depression is when we begin to feel ineffective in our ability to meet the demands of a situation and really helpless in our ability to do well under such circumstances. Around the holidays we often feel we can’t perform well, be happy all the time, buy great presents, remember everybody, wrap all the presents. When that gap feels really wide, we can feel really helpless and powerless to the demands of the situation and that can be enough to trigger a state of dysphoria or depression for some people because it feels helpless, but it can also feel hopeless. Some people feel there is no way they can ever participate in the way that is being asked of them.GAZETTE: Do you have any sense if men and women suffer differently or in greater numbers, or if children are particularly at risk?DATTILO: I think one of the things about the holidays that might be a unique feature for people is the emphasis on family, and if you have lost loved ones, I think the same would hold true for men, women, or children when the holidays serve as an anniversary or as a reminder of people who are no longer with us. If that is an area that is sensitive for people, that might be one factor that is a little bit different this time of year. There are also just difficult family dynamics. To me that speaks to the expectation about how families ought to function and if you are not in one of those “happy” situations you can feel particularly vulnerable this time of year.GAZETTE: Do you relate the holiday blues to seasonal affective disorder?DATTILO: The timing of the holidays as it relates to seasonal affective disorder is unfortunate because I think people can experience seasonal affective disorder and struggle during the winter months, and that may affect their ability to engage in the holidays in a way that they would enjoy. It’s a little bit again the chicken and the egg. I don’t know if the seasonal affective disorder would be triggered by the holidays, but the holidays certainly don’t help some people who are suffering with the shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight. But I would also suggest that for some people who do suffer with seasonal affective disorder that the holidays might actually be helpful. The holidays might give them a boost in their mood if they are able to experience them in an uplifting way and bring them some relief, as opposed to the other way around.GAZETTE: The holidays are so often overrun with food. Is the tendency to overeat connected to how we might be feeling?DATTILO: One hundred percent. It’s cause and effect. It’s hard to know which of those is affecting the other. Do we feel more stressed and so we are eating more, or is it the other way around?GAZETTE: What are your suggestions for how people can cope with the stress of the season?DATTILO: One of the things that is important for people to keep in mind is self-care. We don’t take a break from self-care during the holidays. It might be a bit more challenging, especially if we are operating outside our normal routine and traveling, or visiting family, but making self-care a priority can be an important antidote.Sleep is key. Often during the holidays your sleep schedule can be thrown off, so remembering to get enough sleep is important.Alcohol use can go up around the holidays, so being mindful of that is important.Monitoring your expectations and the mindset that you bring to either events or the holiday season itself is critical. Sometimes we talk about the holidays being stressful, and as a result we then expect them to be stressful. And when we expect things to be stressful, that can in turn become the reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you can adjust your mindset in such a way to remind yourself that while it may be stressful, it’s also a time to practice gratitude, and connection. And even if you are not doing that with other people, you can still use the holidays as a time for self-reflection, for self-appreciation and joy.If you find that this is a time of year that you struggle, I recommend that you take a minute to sit down and make a list of the things about this time of year that are important to you and that you value, and then make sure the things that you are doing are in line with those things that are on that list. When science meets mindfulness Lower risk of depression with elevated exercise Smartphones, teens, and unhappiness 35 minutes a day of physical activity may protect against new episodes, even in the genetically vulnerable Researchers study how it seems to change the brain in depressed patients Spike in depression led psychologist to find a link Related The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news.last_img read more

Leeds fans right to be unhappy – Evans

first_imgLeeds United manager Steve Evans says he understands the frustration of his club’s fans but insists he will turn things around if he is able to make signings when the transfer window reopens in January.Evans was barracked by the travelling supporters during his team’s 1-0 defeat at QPR and they again chanted for owner Massimo Cellino, who was at the game, to sell up.“It hurts, but they’re entitled not to pull any punches. We were disappointing in every aspect of the team,” Evans said.“We can’t be waiting until the last 10 minutes to get the ball down and pass it and create chances. We’re a long way short of where we need to be.“This is a famous football club that has had world-class stars. It’s a privilege to represent this club and we need to show work-rate and desire.“I don’t think we have that many good players and we certainly don’t have many very good players at this level.“But when I get tools in my toolbox I’ll be more than right to go to work. I’m convinced about that.“When there’s freedom to sign players permanently I believe players will want to come to Leeds United.”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

All eyes on Spud: The Movie

first_imgSpud and his Crazy 8 gang.  The Guv and Spud share a moment.(Images: Spud: The Movie)MEDIA CONTACTS • Trevor CrightonPublicist+27 83 652 7713April McAlisterBased on the best-selling book series by John van de Ruit, Spud: The Movie hits the South African circuit on 3 December 2010 and is billed as a film not to be missed.The first Spud novel became an instant hit, breaking all South African publishing records in 2005, and recently came in as number 11 on Exclusive Books’ list of 101 Books to Read Before You Die.Two more Spuds have followed since then, with another one in the pipeline.The first book sold over 200 000 copies, with an estimated readership of 600 000 in South Africa alone. It launched internationally in 2007 to great acclaim and has been published in the US, Italy, Russia, Brazil, the UK, India, and other Commonwealth countries.The film, which is set to launch internationally in February 2011, was produced by Cape Town-based Rogue Star Films and BLM Productions in Durban, and premiered at selected cinemas in November.Coming of ageThe 13-year-old John Milton wins a cricket scholarship and enrolls at Michaelhouse, a prestigious all-boys boarding school where author Van de Ruit spent his secondary school years, in the year 1990.With Nelson Mandela’s release imminent, this is a time of change for his country as well as for the boy. The school, and his odd new assortment of friends, prove to be daunting and challenging.Milton is nicknamed Spud because of his late development, but despite this unfortunate situation he manages to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Dealing with strange emotions causes a few awkward moments and results in hard decisions.An only child who suffers from dysfunctional middle class parents, a senile granny and a domestic worker who has more sense than his parents, Spud faces some embarrassing but hilarious situations.Fresh from his role as young Logan in the blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 14-year-old Troye Sivan, South African-born and now living in Australia, plays the title role. His experience as Oliver in a theatre production proved useful as Spud lands the lead role in the school production of Oliver under the guidance of the burly Viking, his drama teacher.His friends, known as The Crazy 8, run the gamut from the subdued to gregarious, with names like Mad Dog, Boggo, Gecko, Rambo and Fatty. We are led through the fast-paced trials of teenage boys and the mischievous stunts they perform.The role of the Guv, a cantankerous and eccentric English teacher, was given to none other than British film veteran John Cleese, who is perfectly cast. The Guv soon spots Spud’s talent for writing and recognises something of himself in the lad. A bond forms between the two and they share memorable lunchtimes discussing women while the Guv consumes copious quantities of wine.In an interview Cleese said that he thoroughly enjoyed working on Spud and would do it again if the producers decide on a sequel.“The last time that I saw a script that I liked as much as this was in 1995 for Clockwise,” he said.Local talentThe rest of the cast is drawn from local talent. All but one of the Crazy 8 gang are pupils from local schools, and the eighth is studying for a degree in theatre and performance at Cape Town University.Lehasa Moloi plays PJ Luthuli, the head of house, who commands respect and is Spud’s hero figure. Luthuli is aware of the political significance of the goings-on around him and helps Spud to see the darker side of South African history.Debbie “the Mermaid”, who steals Spud’s heart forever, is played by young Genna Blair; Charlbi Dean is Amanda, who seduces Spud; and Tanit Phoenix plays the sultry Eve, the housemaster’s wife.Adaptation of the novel for the big screen began in 2008 when Rogue Star Films founder Ross Garland brought writer/director Donovan Marsh onto the project. The team has worked closely with Van de Ruit, which has helped them to keep the high-paced script true to the story of Spud.Rogue Star has produced other notable films such as U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, a modern-day African version of Bizet’s dramatic 19th century opera Carmen. U-Carmen eKhayalitsha scooped the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 2005 Berlin International Film Festival and was in the selection at the Cannes Film Festival Tous les Cinemas du Monde, Toronto Film Festival, London Film Festival, Ebert Film Festival, Dublin Film Festival and the Pusan Film Festival.Films like Neill Blomkamp’s Oscar-nominated District 9, Regardt van den Berg’s Faith Like Potatoes and Jann Turner’s White Wedding have been received well locally and internationally, showing that the calibre of the filmmaking industry is on the up.Spud and White Wedding both show that South Africans have the ability to laugh at themselves in an easy manner and are able to see the humorous side to life in most respects.With world-class crew and production companies, and local talent such as Troye Sivan, Sharlto Copley, Rapulana Seiphemo, Arnold Vosloo and Frank Rautenbach, South Africa’s film sector is proving to be competitive and more in demand than ever before.last_img read more

SA firms lead BRICS carbon disclosures

first_img30 April 2013 South Africa has the highest percentage of companies that publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions in the BRICS group of countries, according to a carbon ranking index released by the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) on Monday. The EIO is a London-based independent research organisation that promotes ecological investment systems. South African mobile telecommunications firm Vodacom came second overall in the EIO’s rankings, while diversified industrial firm Barloworld and miner Kumba Iron Ore placed 11th and 20th respectively. The index examines the emissions and transparency of the 300 largest firms in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grouping. It is one of six ranking reports on emissions disclosure around the world. The Environmental Tracking Carbon Ranking series is the only public database of its kind. Over half of the 45 South African companies in the BRICS 300 ranking were found to be reporting complete data, which includes direct emissions as well as emissions resulting from the purchase of electricity, investments, transportation of goods, waste and employees.‘Reliable emissions database’ “As the world shifts towards a low carbon model, it’s extremely important that we have access to a reliable, consistent and cross-comparable greenhouse gas emissions database on the world’s largest companies,” chief executive of the London-based EIO, Sam Gill, said in a statement. A key finding of the index, however, was that none of the 300 BRICS companies surveyed reported emissions across their entire value chains. These are referred to as “scope 3 emissions”, and include emissions from sources not owned or directly controlled by the firm but which it has some influence over, such as business travel, transportation and distribution. “Since the majority of total corporate emissions often come from scope 3 sources, large quantities of emissions are not being accounted for,” Gill said. “This is precisely why the carbon rankings are designed to encourage scope 3 disclosure.” The EIO will also announce the 2013 Environmental Tracking Scope 3 leaders award on Wednesday to recognise the companies leading the field in emissions disclosure. “The rankings make up the first phase of the Environmental Tracking mechanism, with phase two seeing them developed into a series of investable indexes within which companies are weighted according to their position in the public carbon ranking,” the EIO said in a report. “The EIO hopes to make its Environmental Tracking Index Series available to investors later in the year.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Cinematography Tip: Control Window Light With ND Gels

first_imgImage via Lighting Grip Las Vegas.Attaching the GelA common practice is to attach the gel to the outside of the window to conceal its edges. If you decide to do so, it’s paramount to attach the gel firmly to avoid light leaks and prevent the sound of the wind rustling the gel.If attaching the gel to the outside of the window is not a viable option, you can temporarily bond the film to the window using a cleaning liquid like Windex. In the video tutorial below from Grip Tips, Dave Donaldson explains that it’s important to completely clean the window before placing the ND film, as you want to ensure that film and the window appear seamless.If you have several large-scale windows to diffuse (and a large enough budget), ND window panels are more efficient. These are solid gels that you affix to a window. However, since they come in specific sizes, you might run into problems with oddly sized windows.Image credit: Before the Door Pictures.There’s an incredibly creative story from the thriller Margin Call. In the scene above, the windows are 50” to 52” wide, while the ND panels were only 48.” John Paino, the production designer, created removable pilasters to hide the gaps.Once we installed the ND panels, we could take these pilasters and Velcro them against the window,” says DeMarco. “They not only hid the gaps, but they also looked great as vertical window dividers. As exterior lighting changed, particularly at the end of the day, it was a breeze for key grip Caswell Cooke and his crew to quickly change the panels.What are your thoughts on window light? Let us know in the comments. Take control of window lighting on your next shoot with ND filters.Top image via Shutterstock.Windows are light sources that can work wonders — if you use them correctly. They’re ideal for soft key lights when the camera faces away from them. However, when cameras face windows providing backlight, trouble can arise. Unless you have a large lighting unit that can match the window light, you’re either going to have to drop the subject into a silhouette or expose for the actor which will blow out the window light.There’s plenty of discussion on whether or not filmmakers should allow window lights to blow out. It’s a highly creative choice, and opinions will always differ. You might be surprised how many films and TV shows let window light clip. Take note next time you’re watching something.For those who favor controlling window light, you can do so with ND gels.ND Window GelsMuch like neutral density filters for your lens, ND window film reduces the intensity of window light. Window gels, like camera density filters, come in a variety of different strengths: .3, .6, .9, and 1.2. If you only have the budget to purchase one roll, you’re going to want at least 2-3 (0.6-0.9) stops of density filtration because sunlight is incredibly bright (around 98,000 lux). Several brands offer this gel; one of the most reputable is Rosco. However, at around $120 for a 7-meter roll, you can quickly burn through your budget.last_img read more

Heroes rise as athletics fuels Philippine gold drive

first_imgTrenten Anthony Beram, who ruled the 200-meter sprint late Wednesday night, is a math major at University of Connecticut back in the United States.READ: SEA Games: PH athletics team delivers 2 golds before day’s endFEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingBut Beram’s academics temporarily took a back seat to athletics as he helped save the day for Team Philippines, which was headed to a gold-less outing late Wednesday until Beram and decathlete Aries Toledo reeled in a victory each.“I knew that I was coming in as a rookie; nobody knows me so it is good to put my name out there,” said Beram. SEA Games: PH’s Lois Go settles for bronze in Ladies’ golf Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ MOST READ “I though top three (in the men’s 200) would be good so winning the gold is a bonus,” added Beram, who crossed the finish in 20.96 seconds.While most athletes based abroad are recruited, Beram is a certified “walk-in.”READ: SEA Games: Cray strikes gold in 400m hurdles He reached out to the Philippine Track and Field Association wanting to join its weekly relays.“He went straight to us and inquired how to go about playing for Philippine team,” said athletics official Edward Kho.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View comments Born to a Filipino mother from Cebu City, Beram worked to obtain dual citizenship to be able to represent the Philippines here.Beram shocked the field with a gold medal performance in the 200m dash. He was to see action in 400m and relays in the coming days.READ: Tabal delivers first gold medal for PH, rules women’s marathon“The hard work paid off,” said Beram. “This is only the beginning.”Toledo also proved himself a hero at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, gritting through pain to emerge victorious.“I did everything I needed to do even if I was hurting all over—my back, my arms (during the javelin throw) and my whole body,” said Toledo in Filipino. “I told God to help me because I wanted to come through for the Philippines.”The 24-year-old Toledo, who hails from Nueva Ecija, finished with 7,433 points to snare the gold.Also winning gold for athletics were Mary Joy Tabal, who captured the country’s first victory when she ruled women’s marathon, and Eric Cray, in 400m hurdles. Robredo should’ve resigned as drug czar after lack of trust issue – Panelo Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Mark Harry Diones, who won silver for men’s triple jump event, Anthony Beram, who won gold in men’s 200 meters, and Aries Toledo also won gold in Men’s Decathlon, in the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday night. INQUIRER/ MARIANNE BERMUDEZKUALA LUMPUR— Athletics continues to lead the way or Team Philippines in the 29th Southeast Asian Games here, with four gold medals already in the bag.One of those golds came from someone who would be comfortable being labeled either a jock or a nerd.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Biggest Pogo service provider padlocked for tax evasion Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies at 59 with wife by his side Trump signs bills in support of Hong Kong protesters NATO’s aging eye in the sky to get a last overhaul Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremonylast_img read more

10 months agoMan Utd expected to fine Pogba after Mourinho post

first_imgMan Utd expected to fine Pogba after Mourinho postby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United are to fine Paul Pogba after his social media post celebrating Jose Mourinho’s sacking yesterday, it has been claimed.The Daily Mail says the photo of a smirking Pogba appeared on the player’s Instagram account on Tuesday with the message “caption this”.The post was deleted 10 minutes later but not before it was liked by more than 64,000 people and drew a response from Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville who wrote: “You can do one as well!” United bosses were angered by the post which they believe was in bad taste and disrespectful by the club’s £89million record signing. Pogba, who earns £300,000 a week at Old Trafford, is expected to be fined for his actions. About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Video: Colin Cowherd Criticizes Coach K For Dillon Brooks Incident

first_imgColin Cowherd criticizes Coach K.colin cowherd criticizes coach kOregon knocked Duke out of the NCAA Tournament Thursday night, and if you missed it, the end of the contest was a little dicey. Ducks star Dillon Brooks, on his team’s final possession, launched and hit a three-pointer that was inconsequential to the score – and then celebrated the shot. Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski reportedly told Brooks in the handshake line that he is “too good” of a player to be showing off.As you’d imagine, the hot takes regarding the incident are coming from all angles. Friday morning, FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd got involved, criticizing Coach K for the move. The gist? Cowherd doesn’t like how college basketball coaches try to control everything – including the players. He doesn’t think it was Krzyzewski’s place to talk to [email protected] on Coach K: You’re getting trounced. You don’t get an opinion on what another player is doing.— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) March 25, 2016What do you think? Was Coach K out of bounds or is this being blown out of proportion?last_img read more

Aamir Saif in Hindi remake of Vikram Vedha

first_imgMumbai: Actors Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan have reportedly been locked for the Hindi remake of the Tamil hit Vikram Vedha. The Hindi remake will be titled Vikram Veda. Vikram Vedha draws inspiration from the folk tale of Raja Vikramaditya and the spirit, Betaal, and imagines the tale in a modernday set-up. In the film, Vikram is a top cop gunning for a criminal named Vedha. The cop manages to capture the criminal several times through the story, but each time the criminal gives him the slip by distracting him with an interesting new story about his life. The stories also change the cop’s perception towards his life and duty. The film will have Aamir essay the antagonist with grey shades, while Saif will be seen in the role of the righteous police officer.last_img read more

Deadpool 2s Zazie Beetz Mourns Loss of Stunt Double Joi SJ Harris

first_img Twitter According to Entertainment Weekly, Harris is thought to be the stunt double for Beetz. A woman donning the costume for the mutant Domino was spotted on a black Ducati motorcycle in the area for a sequence days earlier.Harris, known as the first African-American female road racer, died Monday morning on the set of the superhero sequel. It was her first job as a stuntwoman.Witnesses told the Vancouver Sun that Harris lost control of her bike during a stunt, jumped a curb and crashed through a plate-glass window at Shaw Tower. Police said she died at the scene. Deadline reported that she was not wearing a helmet during the scene because her character does not wear a helmet in the film.On Wednesday, Ryan Reynolds led the Deadpool 2 crew in a moment of silence on set before they resumed filming. The actor, 40, stood at the center of the crew members, who huddled up around him and bowed their heads after he said a few words.“Today, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming Deadpool,” Reynolds tweeted after the accident. “We’re heartbroken, shocked and devastated… but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.”SPLASH NEWSHarris’s first passion was encouraging women to join the sport of road racing, and her manager and friend Porsche Taylor told PEOPLE, “She should be recognized and known as more than just the stunt driver who passed away.”She added, “SJ is a remarkable person, and I want her legacy of being an inspiration to women who ride to continue for many more years to come.”BY KAREN MIZOGUCHI Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook Deadpool 2 actress Zazie Beetz is remembering Joi “SJ” Harris, the stuntwoman who died while performing a motorcycle stunt for the sequel in Vancouver, Canada.“On Monday we tragically lost one of our own — Joi SJ Harris. My heart has been breaking the past two days and I have been searching what to say or do,” Beetz, who was cast as Domino, wrote in a statement shared on Instagram.“I know that what I feel is nothing compared to what her loved ones, friends + family, are feeling. My heart and my love goes out to her and them all. The cast and crew send peace, healing, and their deepest condolences,” she concluded her message. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementlast_img read more