Boxpark reveals plans for 10 new sites over five years

first_imgBoxpark has announced plans to expand nationwide with a further 10 sites over the next five years, with bakery businesses already featured on existing sites.The expansion will see the launch of two new concepts from the developer, BoxOffice and BoxHall. The former will be a co-working space incorporated into new Boxpark sites, while the latter will be a smaller-scale food hall concept, featuring between six and 12 vendors.The Boxpark and BoxOffice schemes will feature Boxpark street food and bars set up on the ground floor, leisure operators such as virtual reality, cinemas, crazy golf and karaoke on the first floor and between two and four floors of co-working space above.The developer said it would be targeting London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Brighton and others.Existing Boxpark developments have already attracted bakery businesses such as Dum-Dums Donutterie, which has premises at both the Shoreditch and Croydon sites. British Baker subscribers can read more about doughnut manufacturer Longboys in our recent on-site feature ‘Playing the long game’, in which we visited the premises at Boxpark Wembley.“I’m really excited to announce our plans for our brand new BoxOffice and BoxHall concepts,” said Roger Wade, Boxpark founder and CEO.“Boxpark has always been an innovator in the retail and leisure sector and these brand-new formats demonstrate our investment in continuing to evolve both the brand and the sites we build and operate. These two major new innovations will help us secure a further 10 sites across the UK over the next five years.”last_img read more

Merry and bright?

first_imgAccording to the song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, it’s the time of year filled with added pressures, demands, and unrealistic expectations that leave them feeling decidedly less than wonderful.To better understand how the holiday season can trigger the blues ­— and how to avoid them ­— the Gazette spoke with Natalie Dattilo, director of psychology in the psychiatry department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, who specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety.Q&ANatalie DattiloGAZETTE: This is supposed to be a happy, joyous time of year, so why do so many end up feeling down around the holidays?DATTILO: With my patients I talk about stress being something we experience when the real and/or perceived demands of a situation outweigh our real or perceived resources. That’s one way to frame any sort of problem for which we are experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress or pressure or even burnout — in other words, what’s being asked of us is more than we have to offer.So what are our resources that we bring to a situation? We have our time, energy, money, in some cases, effort, and interest. Sometimes there’s just an imbalance when those resources are being depleted. And I think the holiday season is a good example of a time in which there’s an imbalance, that what’s being asked of us is more than what’s usually being asked of us, and that can be pretty stressful at baseline.And what’s being asked of us around the holidays? Well, we’re working hard to finish tasks and projects so that we can go enjoy some time with family and friends. So that time crunch is a real experience for people. There are social activities, and events, and people, and wrapping presents, and cooking meals, an entire additional list of things to do that are all really important, or supposed to be important, which I think is another perceived demand of the situation that can exacerbate our feelings of stress. So there are real demands, and then there are things that we put on top of that, like the expectation that it should be fun, and joyful, and everybody should be getting along, and feeling merry. Those expectations are all just adding more pressure to the situation because we might not be able to match them.Natalie Dattilo specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety.GAZETTE: Do you draw a distinction between stress and depression around the holidays?DATTILO: I do make a distinction, although it’s a fine distinction. For those of us who may be prone to experience bouts of depression, our risk for that is elevated during times of stress. If that is something that you know about yourself, that you are prone to bouts of depression, this time of year you could be particularly vulnerable simply because the stress at baseline is elevated and that’s a risk factor for episodes of depressive relapse.The connection for me between periods of prolonged stress and depression is when we begin to feel ineffective in our ability to meet the demands of a situation and really helpless in our ability to do well under such circumstances. Around the holidays we often feel we can’t perform well, be happy all the time, buy great presents, remember everybody, wrap all the presents. When that gap feels really wide, we can feel really helpless and powerless to the demands of the situation and that can be enough to trigger a state of dysphoria or depression for some people because it feels helpless, but it can also feel hopeless. Some people feel there is no way they can ever participate in the way that is being asked of them.GAZETTE: Do you have any sense if men and women suffer differently or in greater numbers, or if children are particularly at risk?DATTILO: I think one of the things about the holidays that might be a unique feature for people is the emphasis on family, and if you have lost loved ones, I think the same would hold true for men, women, or children when the holidays serve as an anniversary or as a reminder of people who are no longer with us. If that is an area that is sensitive for people, that might be one factor that is a little bit different this time of year. There are also just difficult family dynamics. To me that speaks to the expectation about how families ought to function and if you are not in one of those “happy” situations you can feel particularly vulnerable this time of year.GAZETTE: Do you relate the holiday blues to seasonal affective disorder?DATTILO: The timing of the holidays as it relates to seasonal affective disorder is unfortunate because I think people can experience seasonal affective disorder and struggle during the winter months, and that may affect their ability to engage in the holidays in a way that they would enjoy. It’s a little bit again the chicken and the egg. I don’t know if the seasonal affective disorder would be triggered by the holidays, but the holidays certainly don’t help some people who are suffering with the shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight. But I would also suggest that for some people who do suffer with seasonal affective disorder that the holidays might actually be helpful. The holidays might give them a boost in their mood if they are able to experience them in an uplifting way and bring them some relief, as opposed to the other way around.GAZETTE: The holidays are so often overrun with food. Is the tendency to overeat connected to how we might be feeling?DATTILO: One hundred percent. It’s cause and effect. It’s hard to know which of those is affecting the other. Do we feel more stressed and so we are eating more, or is it the other way around?GAZETTE: What are your suggestions for how people can cope with the stress of the season?DATTILO: One of the things that is important for people to keep in mind is self-care. We don’t take a break from self-care during the holidays. It might be a bit more challenging, especially if we are operating outside our normal routine and traveling, or visiting family, but making self-care a priority can be an important antidote.Sleep is key. Often during the holidays your sleep schedule can be thrown off, so remembering to get enough sleep is important.Alcohol use can go up around the holidays, so being mindful of that is important.Monitoring your expectations and the mindset that you bring to either events or the holiday season itself is critical. Sometimes we talk about the holidays being stressful, and as a result we then expect them to be stressful. And when we expect things to be stressful, that can in turn become the reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you can adjust your mindset in such a way to remind yourself that while it may be stressful, it’s also a time to practice gratitude, and connection. And even if you are not doing that with other people, you can still use the holidays as a time for self-reflection, for self-appreciation and joy.If you find that this is a time of year that you struggle, I recommend that you take a minute to sit down and make a list of the things about this time of year that are important to you and that you value, and then make sure the things that you are doing are in line with those things that are on that list. When science meets mindfulness Lower risk of depression with elevated exercise Smartphones, teens, and unhappiness 35 minutes a day of physical activity may protect against new episodes, even in the genetically vulnerable Researchers study how it seems to change the brain in depressed patients Spike in depression led psychologist to find a link Related The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news.last_img read more

Cards come from behind to beat West Valley

first_imgCorning >> There’s a reason the Corning Cardinals were 27-0 going into Wednesday night’s semifinal game against the West Valley Eagles — they come through in the clutch.After a come-from-behind overtime win in Paradise to clinch a perfect 26-0 regular season, coach Kurt Wilkins said the Cards needed three more wins to validate the season. They got the first Friday over the Sutter Huskies, 64-50 and the second came Wednesday over the Eagles, 43-37. They will play for the championship Friday …last_img read more

America’s Mobile Comeback

first_imgdan frommer Tags:#Android#Apple#Google#international#iPhone#mobile#Nokia Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces For the first time in a long time, two American companies are driving innovation and leading one of the planet’s most important industries.(This report also ran in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of SAY Magazine.)The first half of 2012, I flew more than 60,000 miles, searching for interesting tech stories for ReadWriteWeb, including stops in Korea, Japan, Iceland, Spain, Germany and Silicon Valley. The biggest meta-trend I’ve observed: How two U.S. companies, Apple and Google, stand tall as the world’s most influential mobile companies, leading one of the planet’s most important industries.It wasn’t always this way. Now five years after the first iPhone debuted and almost four years since Android launched, it is easy to forget that America was once a mobile-phone backwater.The iPhone-ification Of JapanOne trend I’ve enjoyed watching over the past several years is how Japan — perhaps the most interesting mobile-phone–accessorizing nation — has embraced the iPhone. In December 2007, eight months before the iPhone launched in Japan, but shortly after it had gone on sale in the U.S., I spent a week wandering around Tokyo, zipping in and out of electronics stores. It was a fascinating experience. Everything felt so foreign, because it was. In the States, it already seemed obvious that a full-touchscreen smartphone was the device of the future. But in Japan, it felt like the opposite.The most sophisticated phones were big, long flip phones without touchscreens. Gadget department stores had huge sections of charms that you could buy to attach to a tiny loop on your phone: Cute little animals, cartoon characters, food items, screen wipers, all sorts of stuff. (On a later visit in 2010, even Japanese Starbucks stores sold their own cellphone charms, including a tiny plastic coffee cup.)Handsets competed mostly based on physical design, color and features such as built-in mobile TV support. One new device, the “KDDI InfoBar 2,” looked more like an art project than a phone, with colorful buttons taking up much of the phone’s face. Having already fallen in love with the iPhone, this seemed strange to me.In many other ways, the Japanese were far ahead of the world: NTT DoCoMo, the dominant Japanese operator, had long established its mobile Internet services, and a universal mobile payments system meant you could pay for a subway ride or can of coffee with a chip in your phone. Meanwhile, most Americans were still learning how to send text messages.Fast forward to May 2012, when I spent another week in Japan, again spending an unhealthy amount of time in electronics stores. I knew the iPhone had become popular in Japan and that local cellphone manufacturers had embraced Android. But I was shocked by the extent.Those long aisles of cellphone charms are now dominated by a dizzying selection of iPhone accessories and cases, ranging from the practical to the absurd.At one store, a $50 iPhone case looked exactly like a fried tonkatsu cutlet, the breadcrumb texture down to an incredible detail. At another: a case with a rubber hand on the back, so you could “hold hands” while talking on the phone. (Creepy.) I saw an entirely new selection of charms that plug into the iPhone’s headphone jack, including tiny pieces of sushi, a Tokyo commuter train car and Kapibara-san, my favorite Japanese fictional character. And an elaborate, $40 gadget in the shape of a baseball stadium — slip your iPhone into the “AppBaseball” plastic slot — designed as an analog controller for a baseball game from the App Store.There weren’t as many toys specifically for Android because there are literally thousands of different Android devices and only a few that sell in enough volume to justify their own custom accessories. But all the big Japanese phone makers had switched to Android in my absence — the homemade, custom stuff was all but gone.The Rise Of Mobile SoftwareWhat happened? Why did two American companies grow to dominate the mobile world? In a word: software.If you watched the rise of Japanese electronics companies such as Sony and Panasonic in the ’80s and ’90s, most of their skill was in hardware design, engineering and manufacturing. They were amazing at making things tiny, with superb industrial design. The impossibly thin Sony Discman I bought in Hong Kong in 1998 is still one of my favorite gadgets of all time.Hardware engineering and distribution were the most important traits of early mobile companies, and that’s how Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, Sharp and even U.S.-based Motorola moved the needle. For software, they either outsourced — thus, Symbian’s early smartphone OS dominance — or made their own. But it was mostly junk, and that was okay because screens were small and everything was very simple.Then in January 2007, Apple changed everything with the iPhone. Sure, its industrial design was slick and its touchscreen looked different than other phones on the market. But its biggest revolution was software. The iPhone’s OS was as strong as a computer’s, and the apps it could run were super-advanced. Apple’s iTunes sync software was miles better than anything Nokia, RIM or any rival offered. When the iPhone App Store launched in 2008, it became the gold standard for mobile software.Google’s Android project followed. It was never as good as the iPhone software, but it didn’t matter because companies like Samsung and HTC couldn’t get their hands on Apple’s OS. For many purposes, Android was good enough. And its easy (and free) licensing meant anyone could use it for almost anything. Samsung, most notably, has found success with its Android-powered Galaxy lineup, and almost every mobile company around the world has bet itself on Google. (Nokia, now in rebuilding mode, has also attached itself to a U.S.-based platform, the Microsoft Windows Phone.)Back In The U.S.A.A decade ago, a tour of the world’s mobile-phone capitals might have started in Finland, home of Nokia, stopped in London to visit Sony Ericsson (itself a joint venture between a Swedish telecom giant and Japan’s gadget leader) to Korea for Samsung and LG, perhaps to Germany for Siemens, wrapping up at Motorola — the company that invented the cellphone — in the Chicago suburbs. Of these, Samsung is now the only one still profitably making mobile phones, and its strengths are still mostly hardware and distribution — it’s hardly a software-platform company.Today, the most important mobile corridor in the world is the one in Silicon Valley, California — the nine-mile drive between Google’s headquarters in Mountain View and Apple’s in Cupertino. Until the next revolution, at least.(This report also ran in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of SAY Magazine.)center_img The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

Ravena shines as NLEX survives KIA; Magnolia rips Alaska

first_img8th Top Leaders Forum assessed the progress of public-private efforts in building climate and disaster resilient communities Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university PLAY LIST 01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Do not bring these items in SEA Games venues Read Next View comments NLEX trailed big at the start as the Picanto played with so much purpose after being maligned for all of the offseason with questionable manpower movement, and the Road Warriors needed a critical four-point play from the veteran Larry Fonacier with 66 seconds left to gut out the win.Magnolia got 30 points from Paul Lee in the nightcap, with a 108-95 victory over Alaska putting the Hotshots in the company of the Road Warriors and three-time defending champion San Miguel Beer as opening match winners.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutAfter having just five full practices with the squad in his return from an MCL injury, Lee hit 11-of-14 field goal attempts, making all but two of eight triple tries, in leading the undermanned Magnolia crew.Calvin Abueva had 20 points, 15 rebounds and five assists for Alaska. Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH In search of a franchise player ever since taking over and overhauling the NLEX Road Warriors at the start of last season, coach Yeng Guiao has now found one in Kiefer Ravena.Coming up three rebounds short of a triple double, Ravena’s 18 points and 12 assists helped the Road Warriors pull out a 119-115 decision of KIA Picanto as NLEX—although in quite a rocky manner—got its Philippine Cup bid off on the right foot Wednesday night at San Juan Arena.ADVERTISEMENT BI on alert for illegally deployed OFWs to Iraq LATEST STORIES Cayetano: 4 social media groups behind SEA Games ‘sabotage’ MOST READ NLEX 119—Ravena 18, Miranda 14, Alas 14, Mallari 13, Fonacier 12, Al-Hussaini 12, Quinahan 12, Tiongson 11, Baguio 5, Soyud 4, Ighalo 4, Taulava 0.KIA PICANTO 115—Camson 24, McCarthy 14, Corpuz 13, Reyes 12, Galanza 12, Celda 9, Ababou 9, Khobuntin 8, Paniamogan 7, Tubid 4, Yee 3, Caperal 0.Quarters: 36-40, 64-68, 90-92, 119-115MAGNOLIA 108 — ALASKA 95MAGNOLIA 108—Lee 30, Gamalinda 15, Sangalang 13, Dela Rosa 10, Simon 9, Herndon 9, K. Pascual 9, Barroca 6, Melton 3, Ramos 2, Brondial 2.ALASKA 95—Abueva 20, Manuel 20, Teng 16, Casio 10, R. Pascual 7, Enciso 5, Exciminiano 5, Banchero 4, Thoss 3, J. Pascual 2, Cruz 2, Magat 1, Racal 0.Quarters: 21-26, 57-47, 87-74, 108-95 Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Asian shares slide on weak Japan data; US markets closed Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Guiao maximized his bench, getting eight players in twin digits, and the Road Warriors will use this contest to fine-tune their game as they prepare to slug it out with the powerhouses in the league.“It was exactly what we expected, a hard game for us,” Guiao told reporters. “We will take this win how hard it came,” he went on. “We’re trying to build chemistry and we need to improve on a lot of things.”The 6-foot Ravena, a former college star with the Ateneo Blue Eagles, played just under 30 minutes and hit all five of his two-point attempts and 7-for-10 overall. His pro debut completely overshadowed that of his dad’s, former San Miguel Beer swingman Bong, who had just two points against Pepsi.Bong eventually went on to win the Rookie of the Year award in 1992 over Vergel Meneses.SCORESNLEX 119 — KIA 115ADVERTISEMENT Eala yields Jr Orange Bowl crown to top-ranked Czech foelast_img read more

10 months agoNapoli reach agreement with Genoa for Christian Kouame

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Napoli reach agreement with Genoa for Christian Kouameby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveNapoli have found an agreement with Genoa for Christian Kouame, it has been revealed.Corriere dello Sport says the deal will be completed on Wednesday – which will include a medical.The move is believed to be worth €20m plus up to €5m from any future sale.The Ivorian striker will sign a five-year contract in the region of €500,000 per season.Kouame will spent the remainder of the season on-loan with Genoa. last_img read more

Mahabaleshwar records 8000 mm rains this monsoon

first_imgSatara (Maharashtra): The most popular hill station in western India, Mahabaleshwar, which earned the distinction of being the wettest place on Earth this monsoon, added another record to its credit on Wednesday, said a top official. The rainfall in the district has crossed a whopping 8000 mm (800 cms) mark on Wednesday, said Deputy Director-General of Meteorology K. S. Hosalikar. “The Mahabaleshwar rainfall has crossed the 8000 mm mark to notch 8012.1 mm on Wednesday. The monsoon season’s normal for the hill station is 5530.1 mm, Hosalikar told mediapersons here. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ The IMD official added that during this year’s bountiful monsoon, Mahabaleshwar crossed the 300 mm rainfall mark in a 24-hour period several times. Cherrapunji in Meghalaya of North-East India, which once held the distinction of being the wettest place on the planet, lost its privileged position to the neighbouring Mawsynram, which gets over 11,870 mm rains annually. However, Cherrapunji has fallen behind with 11,777 mm rains annually. Situated at an altitude of 4,440 feet or 1,353 metres, good rains augur well for Mahabaleshwar, also known as ‘strawberry country’ accounting for 85 percent of the country’s production on its gentle slopes in the Western Ghats. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K As many as five major rivers originate from this hill station, including the fourth-biggest of India – River Krishna, which flows 1,400 kms through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh before emptying into the Bay of Bengal. The other rivers are Koyna, Venna, Savitri and Gayatri. Though Mahabaleshwar, and its neighbouring twin Panchgani at an altitude of 4,242 feet or 1,293 metres, are a favourite with tourists during monsoons, the incessant heavy downpour has hit the tourism industry badly this year. Barely an hour’s drive from here is the world-famous Kaas Plateau, named a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site (2012) – or the ‘Valley of Flowers’ where tourists throng from all over the world between August and October.last_img read more

Manchester City unsure of Foden and Diaz future

first_imgPep Guardiola says Manchester City are not sure youngsters like Phil Foden and Brahim Diaz will leave on loan or not.The young stars started as City began their pre-season campaign with a 1-0 defeat to Borussia Dortmund in Chicago on Saturday.Foden and Diaz have played few games in the last season and could be set for loan spells to gain experience, however, City boss is still unsure.“We will decide on them at the end of pre-season,” said City boss Guardiola quoted in Sky Sports.“As soon as people come back we will know what we need for the games against Chelsea [in the Community Shield] and Arsenal.”City’s 16 World Cup players are still resting from the Mundial tournament and as a result couldn’t feature in their preseason start on Saturday, however, Joe Hart who spent last season on loan at West Ham played half of the match time.jose mourinhoMourinho knows why City and Liverpool are so far ahead George Patchias – September 13, 2019 Jose Mourinho knows why Manchester City and Liverpool are so far ahead of everyone else in the Premier League.In an interview with the Telegraph,…“Despite the decision nobody can doubt Joe’s quality as a goalkeeper or what he has done in the last 10 to 12 years,” said Guardiola.“We have four goalkeepers, we decided today to use Claudio Bravo and Joe Hart. What Joe has done in the past 12 years in undeniable and we know his quality.”“We did many good things,” said Guardiola.“It is really good for the future. We played against one of the best teams in Germany and we did many good things.“We spoke in the week about courage, intensity and a desire to play. The players did very well and I am so satisfied with the performance of these guys.”last_img read more

Pogba targeting FA Cup glory

first_imgManchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is driven by the motivation to end the club’s trophy drought after missing out on a silverware last season.Pogba endured a frustrating night when he was sent off in PSG’s 2-0 reverse at Old Trafford but was delighted with his team’s response in Monday’s 2-0 FA Cup win at Chelsea.“Losing a game after 11 games without losing hurts and it’s a really bad feeling, so you don’t want this to happen again,” Pogba told MUTV.The Red Devils face Wolves in the quarter-finals after exerting their revenge on last season’s FA Cup final loss to Chelsea.Pogba added: “All the competitions are important. We want to win something.“Last year we didn’t win any trophies. I still remember that. This year we want to win something.”The World cup winning midfielder netted a goal and assisted Ander Herrera’s opening goal.“We knew how to hurt them, (by) running behind their midfielders,” added Pogba, who now has 14 goals this season. Two runs in the box, two goals.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“My job as a midfielder is not to score goals, it’s more to make assists. But when I get a chance to score goals it’s a great feeling.”Herrera and Pogba’s goals against Chelsea 🔥#CHEMUN— All About Football (@Insta_Stories1) February 18, 2019Pogba felt United, who next play Liverpool on Sunday, had more to give.“The result was great, but we should do better. We should react even better,” he added via FourFourTwo.“We made it harder for ourselves. We can control more, play more and hurt them more with the ball.”last_img read more