News story: £2 million investment to help small businesses to grow

first_imgProjects across all opportunities should look at how SMEs can become more productive through one or more of the following: the competition is open, and the deadline for applications is at midday on 17 April 2019 UK-based businesses of any size, public sector, university or research and technology organisations, charities and not-for-profit companies are eligible to lead a project organisations could get up to £60,000 each to run a proof of concept project projects must start by 1 September 2019 and can last up to 12 months there will be webinar briefings on 14 February 2019 and 7 March 2019 for applicants to find out more about the competition, and an online evaluation masterclass on 5 March 2019 to help assess and analyse the results of a project Proving a conceptProof of concept awards are for ideas that are in early development.Projects should encourage SMEs to adopt proven technologies or management practices that can boost their productivity.Competition information Different parts to the competitionThere are different competitions to apply into, depending on your organisation and the type of research and development being carried out. These are for: led by a business led by another type of organisation that isn’t a business Specific considerations might also include: See the full announcement. Britain is one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business, according to a government review. However, a productivity gap exists between the UK and international competitors, which means our businesses are not reaping all the benefits that they could be.Adopting leading technologies, practices and support services – such as cloud computing, mobile technology and e-purchasing – can improve the productivity and earning power of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and in turn grow the wider economy.The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Innovate UK have up to £2 million to prove and test ideas that enable small businesses to become more productive.The Business Basics FundInvestment is through the Business Basics Fund, part of the government’s Business Basics Programme to encourage SMEs to implement proven technologies and practices.Yesterday, UK government announced the projects to be awarded £2 million through the first funding competition.This includes a project with the retail and hospitality sectors to use AI technologies such as chatbots to improve customer experiences, and another to support greater digitisation in dairy farming.Small Business Minister, Kelly Tolhurst said:   proof of concept projects trials that are either: addressing information failures and improving awareness of relevant technologies and practices building the confidence of SMEs on the application of these technologies and practices offering advice services through trusted advisors, supply chains and informal peer-to-peer networks exploring how using complementary technologies and practices can affect adoption comparing lower cost, scalable interventions with more intensive types of support exploring specific characteristics and issues SMEs may face, such as within family-run firms Find out more about the proof of concept competition and apply. the 2 trial competition are open, and the deadline for applications is at midday on 17 April 2019 in the business-led competition, UK-based businesses of any size are eligible to lead a project, working alone or with others in the non-business-led competition, UK-based public sector organisations, universities, research and technology organisations, charities and not-for-profit companies can be the lead, working alone or with others organisations could get up to £400,000 to run a trial the best projects at the written applications stage will be invited to attend an interview panel on 5 June 2019 to present their ideas projects must start by 1 September 2019 and can last up to 12 months there will be webinar briefings on 14 February 2019 and 7 March 2019 for applicants to find out more about the competition, and an online evaluation masterclass on 5 March 2019 to help assess and analyse the results of a project adopting tried-and tested technologies, such as accountancy, CRM, HR and payment systems adopting modern business practices improving the use of technologies and practices already active within the business Taking an idea to trialThe aim of trial projects is to test different approaches for encouraging SMEs and supporting adoption.Projects should generate robust evidence about the most effective approaches to improving the productivity of SMEs. They should also build understanding of the short, medium and long-term impacts of such approaches.Trials should plan to use a control group for testing and, if successful in the application process, register a trial protocol.Competition information If you are a business and wish to lead a project, apply in the business-led trial competition.Find out more. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As part of our modern Industrial Strategy, we are supporting them with new investments to boost their productivity and ensure they can continue to thrive in the future. If you are not a business but another type of organisation and wish to lead a project, apply in the non-business-led trial competition.Find out more.last_img read more

Ashers Bakery loses court appeal over ‘gay cake’ row

first_imgBelfast-based business Ashers Bakery has lost its appeal against a court ruling that its refusal to make a ‘gay cake’ was discriminatory.The owners of the bakery Daniel McArthur and his wife Amy, who are both Christians, were told by court judges that under law, “bakers were not allowed to provide a service only to people who agreed with their religious beliefs”.The judge also concluded in a summary of judgment document: 1.      The appellants had the knowledge or perception that the respondent was gay and/or associated with others who were gay;2.      What the respondent wanted the appellants to do would not require them to promote or support gay marriage which was contrary to their deeply held religious beliefs;3.      The appellants cancelled the order as they opposed same-sex marriage, which is inextricably linked to sexual relations between same-sex couples which is a union of persons having a particular sexual orientation; and4.      The respondent did not share the particular religious and political opinion which confined marriage to heterosexual orientation.Two years ago, the cake was ordered by gay rights activist Gareth Lee – depicting the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie with the motto ‘Support Gay Marriage’ to mark International Day Against Homophobia.The cake was declined by the bakery, which led to Lee suing the company on the grounds of sexual orientation.last_img read more

New Year, New Landscape

first_imgA new year brings new opportunities. If one of your resolutions was to improve your lawn and garden, you may need to know where to start and what you can do in the winter.At the top of the list is a soil test to determine your soil’s pH and fertility. This is a great winter chore to complete to make sure you provide a good soil base for everything you grow. You can follow the recommendations provided after a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension soil test to help your plants look better while preventing excessive nutrients from entering groundwater and streams.Look around your garden and determine what projects you would like to tackle for the year. Are you interested in creating a pollinator garden? Is it time to add an additional raised bed vegetable garden? Do you want an outdoor entertaining space? Now is a good time to begin garden construction projects so they will be ready to put to use in the spring. If your plants outgrew their space last year, now is the time to prune them back to the correct size. Shrubs that should be pruned at this time of year include: crape myrtle, beautyberry, Japanese barberry, boxwood, rose of Sharon, nandina, grandiflora roses and fragrant tea olive. Exceptions to the late winter/early spring pruning rule are spring flowering shrubs whose flowers are set the summer before, such as azaleas, hydrangeas and forsythia. These should not be pruned until after they have flowered. So hold off on pruning the azaleas, unless you want to lose the spring flower buds. Winter is also the perfect time to order seeds for your spring garden. Seed catalogs are available this time of year and you will find the best selection early. Choose seeds for plants you know will add color, texture and interest to your garden. You can even start many perennial plants from seed beginning in January in preparation for the warmer spring months. Composting is also a great winter gardening activity. Many of the items you throw in the trash can be sorted out and composted. The benefits of composting go beyond just reducing waste. Compost can be used to improve garden soil and make the landscape and vegetable garden more productive. With a little organization and a designated space, you can make your own soil amendment through composting.Finally, feed the birds. Winter is long and it’s not easy for feathered friends to find food in the cold. Consider hanging a suet feeder or seed feeder in your landscape. Don’t forget to provide birds with a nice clean supply of fresh water, too. Birds in winter are one of the most fantastic garden ornaments, and now is a great time to invite them to your garden.last_img read more

The single must-have attribute of a successful team

first_img 111SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Scott Butterfield Scott is the Principal of Your Credit Union Partner, PLLC.Your Credit Union Partner (YCUP) is a trusted advisor to the leaders of more than 100 credit unions located throughout … Web: Details Sometimes it feels odd to contemplate the lack of trust that exists in the credit union space. Pre-hire criminal background checks, credit checks, references, and the required insurance bonding – one might assume anyone who could pass these “trust” tests would naturally add to an abundance of trust. But there are different dimensions of trustworthiness. The bottom line: “your trustworthiness is your commitment to fulfill another’s trust in you.”Leaders, do you trust your team?Not sure if lack of trust is a problem for your team? Honestly ask yourself how well your team, individually or collectively, follows through on commitments. Generally, does your team come through on time as planned? Or do your initiatives frequently come in late or somehow lacking? When members of a team consistently fail to deliver on their commitments, they undermine trust at the team level, and if it’s the senior management, at the institutional level. If left to fester over time, the credit union’s culture becomes sluggish, slow to act, lacks confidence, and becomes very inefficient, with low morale. Leaders, does your team trust you?If you are the leader of your team, I believe the success of your career is determined by how much your team trusts you. The attribute of trust is what makes leaders great. It’s the ability to rally a team in good times and bad. It’s that thing that motivates people to work harder and stretch for more. Here are a few examples of mistrust to consider: Trustworthiness enhances cooperation and resultsDysfunctional cultures are absent trust. As outlined in the national bestseller, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” the absence of trust is the number-one dysfunction (a fear of being vulnerable prevents the building of trust) and it is built upon four other dysfunctions: Fear of Conflict (the desire to preserve artificial harmony stifles the occurrence of productive ideological conflict); a Lack of Commitment (the lack of clarity or buy-in prevents team members from making decisions they will stick to); Avoidance of Accountability (the need to avoid interpersonal discomfort prevents team members from holding one another accountable); and Inattention to Results (the pursuit of individual goals and personal status erodes the focus on the collective success.Why it mattersIf you believe that your team has a trust issue, deal with it now before it destroys your culture or your charter. It’s a bold statement, but I mean it. I know of credit unions that have merged as a result of a poor culture of trust that held the credit union back and prevented it from making desperately needed changes. These credit unions missed key moments, and their ships sailed. Trust doesn’t survive without accountability. If you’re a member of a dysfunctional team that lacks trust, start by holding yourself accountable for each of the commitments you make, and holding your teammates accountable for their commitments. If you’re a team leader, you must follow through on your commitments. Your team must trust your temperament and direction. Finally, you must hold your people accountable. If you fail to do this, it’s a downhill spiral that will cost your team time, money, success, and fulfillment. Remember, good people don’t usually leave because of pay – they leave because of poor leadership. Leaders who don’t walk the talk. They are good talkers, but they fail to deliver on promises. Whether it’s on the next promotion or it’s the commitment to resources for the department. Leaders lose trust when they don’t do what they say. Team members don’t trust their leader’s temperament. Leaders who consistently send mixed messages or display a wide range of moods lose trust fast. Nothing says, “I don’t want to be bothered” more than a slammed office door first thing in the morning! Trust is lost when you don’t have your team’s back. Success comes from having the right people on our team, taking the right risks. We are in the risk business. Teams that lack a trustworthy leader will be slow to take certain risks or to stretch themselves if they think they’ll be tossed under the proverbial bus if something goes sideways.last_img read more

Grateful to person who returned purse

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionI want to thank the person who turned in my purse at Delmonico’s Restaurant on Dec. 6.I left it at restaurant and am glad to say there are nice people left in this world.Thank you, once again.Norlene GagewaySchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Schenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%Anderson starts, but Dodgers finish off NLCS winSchenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsSchenectady police reform sessions pivot to onlinelast_img read more

New GM Novendra takes aim at higher chess title

first_img“He has a chance to improve as he is just entering the prime age of 20 to 30 years old. Next, he will compete against the crème de la crème, such as Magnus Carlsen,” he added, referring to the current world chess champion from Norway. Novendra earned an Elo rating of 2,500 to earn his GM title after beating international master (IM) Klaudia Kulon of Poland at the Liberec Open in the Czech Republic.He collected 8.5 points after nine rounds. Novendra, who started playing chess at the age of 6 after watching his father play the sport, has an Elo rating of 2,502. Playing with a carefree attitude was his key to winning the Liberec Open, said Novendra who said he often struggled with stage fright while competing.Percasi development and achievements department head Kristianus Liem said Novendra would need to work hard to improve his research skills. In an era where technology has influenced sports, Kristianus said many chess players had been doing a lot of research on their opponents.  “In chess, it is really hard to advance to the next level. But some players can advance [drastically] once they surpass a certain level. I hope that is the case with Novendra, as he has reached GM level,” he added.Novendra said he would go all-out to achieve super GM status.“It will be an uphill battle from here on. I have to set a target to increase my Elo rating to 2,600 in two or three years,” he said. Chess prodigy Novendra Priasmoro seems to be entering a new chapter after claiming the grandmaster (GM) title last week. The 20-year-old is expected to display consistency to achieve super grandmaster status. It was GM Utut Adianto himself who encouraged him to achieve more. Novendra, who is sponsored  by heavy equipment distributor PT United Tractors, is the eighth Indonesian chess player to secure the title. Its has been 16 years since Susanto Megaranto claimed the same title in 2004 when he was 17.“Novendra’s journey to grandmaster has been filled with many ups and downs. Is this the end of the journey [for Novendra]? I say no. Ideally, Novendra needs to be able to earn an Elo rating of 2,700,” said Utut, who is also the head of Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi). “[Being] grandmaster is an achievement. Ideally, a grandmaster should stay in Europe, tour [the region] to compete in tournaments,” he added.Utut, who is also a lawmaker, said Percasi was discussing a training program to increase Novendra’s Elo rating.Utut advised his junior to focus on his career and to not think about other things, like getting married. “Most of the problems faced by Indonesian athletes are non-technical. We should ask about his commitment. Success cannot be achieved without sacrifice,” he said.center_img Topics :last_img read more

COVID-19 patients line up at Kemayoran athletes village on first day open

first_imgDozens of patients put under surveillance for COVID-19 crowded the emergency hospital at the Kemayoran athletes village in Central Jakarta after it opened on Monday.At least 30 patients immediately rushed to the temporary hospital an hour after it officially opened on Monday afternoon, said Arya Sinulingga, an aide to State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir.Kompas TV reported that some patients were still lining up outside the hospital on Monday evening. “Please understand that the test takes time. There’s no way we can simultaneously test 100 people because the equipment is limited,” Arya said on Tuesday.The ministry prepared two health facilities dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients, namely the Kemayoran athletes village as a temporary hospital and Pertamina Jaya Hospital, also in Central Jakarta, which has been assigned to treat patients with acute symptoms that require intensive care.Read also: COVID-19: Ministry to develop temporary hospitals in several regionsHowever, not all confirmed COVID-19 positive cases would be treated in the hospitals, Arya added, as the ministry had prepared scenarios regarding the use of healthcare facilities for those patients. “People who test positive but show no symptoms of the disease can self-isolate. Those in a severe condition can be treated at [either] the athletes village or Pertamina Hospital,” said Arya.He went on to say this scenario would make better sense as studies predicted that the number of patients could reach up to 8,000, while medical personnel and facilities were limited.However, patients without symptoms could also be hospitalized if the person’s place of living was inadequate as a location for self-quarantine.During the 2018 Asian Games, the Kemayoran athletes village was able to house 24,000 people. However, Jokowi said the complex would be able to handle about 3,000 patients as of now.“People tend to see this facility as an alternative location that will provide treatment for COVID-19 patients. This urges them to go there [to be checked],” Jokowi said during a press briefing on Tuesday.“However, I hope few people will be taken to this temporary hospital,” the President went on to say.Read also: Readiness of Greater Jakarta hospitals key in mitigating spread of COVID-19The Health Ministry’s disease control and prevention director general, Achmad Yurianto, asserted that the temporary hospital would not be used for people with minor or no symptoms, which is about 80 percent of all COVID-19 positive cases in the country.“Self-isolation by staying at home is enough. Not all people with the disease should depend on hospital services. [People without symptoms should not depend on hospitals] unless there is a comorbidity issue,” said Yurianto, who also serves as the government spokesperson for all COVID-19-related matters.As of Tuesday, the emergency hospital had received a total of 102 visits of COVID-19 patients. Of the total number, 71 were immediately hospitalized in the athletes village complex.Indonesian health authorities have confirmed 686 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, with 55 fatalities and 30 recoveries. The cases are spread across 24 provinces, with most cases in Jakarta, where 424 cases and 31 deaths have been confirmed.Topics :last_img read more

​NBIM backs companies thinking about how they help society

first_imgThey said NBIM had a vested interest in well-functioning markets in financial instruments, the efficient allocation of capital and risk, and long-term economic growth – and that strong corporate governance practices contributed to these aims.Smith Ihenacho and Gjessing wrote that their organisation continued to support the GGP, and were responding in the letter to the questions of greatest relevance to NBIM.“We concur with the GGP’s emphasis on the role of the board, clarity of its leadership and a composition marked by relevant knowledge, independence, competence, industry experience and diversity of perspectives,” they wrote.Boards should set executive remuneration in a transparent manner, the pair wrote.“We support that remuneration should be designed to effectively align the interests of the CEO with those of the company and its shareholders to help ensure long-term performance and sustainable value creation,” they said.Among other issues mentioned, NBIM said in the letter that – as stated in one of its own published papers – boards should make sure company reporting reflected all material sustainability risks and opportunities.In the months before NBIM’s new chief executive officer Nicolai Tangen started work at Norges Bank’s Oslo offices at the start of September, the central bank’s Chair and Governor Øystein Olsen weathered a storm of public criticism over his handling of Tangen’s appointment.As a final concession to political demands, Tangen agreed just days before starting work to divest his hedge fund management business entirely and put all of his personal investments into the form of bank deposits – in order to avoid even the semblance of conflicts of interest.Contributing to the arts has been one of Tangen’s most well-known priorities, with the Norwegian billionaire having set up a charitable foundation alongside his AKO Capital fund management business, and being set to donate his large collection of Nordic art to a proposed new museum building in his hometown of Kristiansand.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), the central bank arm which runs Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, has singled out in a consultation the aspects of good governance which it sees as most relevant – including clarity of leadership, independence and the contribution companies make to society.The manager of the NOK10.5tn (€977bn) Government Pension Fund Global – which is still reeling from its own governance crisis – outlined its key beliefs around corporate governance in a letter to the International Corporate Governance Network, giving feedback for its review of the network’s Global Governance Principles (GGP).Carine Smith Ihenacho, NBIM’s chief corporate governance officer, and senior analyst Ola Peter Krohn Gjessing, wrote in the letter: “We support companies reflecting on their contribution to society.”Companies choosing to articulate a purpose should, the pair said, take a comprehensive approach and translate it into culture, strategy, targets and actions.last_img read more

Top five sales of 2018 on the Gold Coast

first_img103-105 Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach sold for $11.6 million – the highest on the Gold Coast this year.A BEACHFRONT house on the Gold Coast’s Millionaire’s Row holds the highest price paid for a property on the Gold Coast this year after trading for $11.6 million.The home, at 103-105 Hedges Ave, has been bought by an interstate buyer.The Frost sale was achieved by Kollosche Prestige Agents principal Michael Kollosche and Prestige Property’s Harry Kakavas. 3250/23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise. 3250/23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise. 3-7 Sir Lancelot Close, Sovereign Islands. 3-7 Sir Lancelot Close, Sovereign Islands changed hands for more than $11 million. Coming in at a close second is another mega mansion, this time on the Sovereign Islands that sold for $11 million.Amir Mian, principal of Prestige Property Agents, confirmed last month’s sale of ‘Grande Vista’ on the Sovereign Islands but would not disclose the sale price. 31-33 The Corso Isle Of Capri sold for $8.8 million.center_img 8-10 Marseille Court, Sorrento changed hands for $9 million. 8-10 Marseille Court, Sorrento. A Surfers Paradise apartment rounds out the top three sales of 2018 — it sold for $9.5 million in January.The luxurious skyhome at the Towers of Chevron Renaissance, which spans the 39th and 40th floors, is on one of the most popular tourists strips in the country and took two years to build.It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, 21 car spaces and panoramic views over the city, beaches, main river and Gold Coast hinterland. TOP FIVE SALES — 103-105 Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach, $11.6 million— 3-7 Sir Lancelot Close, more than $11 million— 3250/23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise, $9.5 million— 8-10 Marseille Court, Bundall, $9 million— 31-33 The Corso, Isle of Capri, $8.8 million 103-105 Hedges Ave, Mermaid Beach.The sale is the fourth largest on the Mermaid beachfront since the strip’s GFC-induced doldrums, with one of the sales — former Billabong investor Scott Perrin’s Gold Coast residential record $25 million deal on his home Tidemark — leading the way.The new owner of the Alan Frost property gets a house with three ensuite bedrooms, a guest retreat, study, lap pool, and a basement with a media room, wet bar, powder room, and parking for six cars. 3-7 Sir Lancelot Close, Sovereign Islands.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa15 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoIt’s just over $11 million,” Mr Mian said.“It is the highest sale on the Sovereign Islands.”“A local buyer will be moving into it.”The property, at 3-7 Sir Lancelot Close, now holds the sales record on the Sovereign Islands — the record was previously held by Baltimore, a mega mansion that changed hands for $11 million in 2006.last_img read more

Bulldogs Grapplers Post Victory Over Cubs

first_imgThe Batesville Bulldog wrestling team hosted the Madison Cubs for the teams 7th dual meet of the year.  A week ago today the Bulldogs varsity squad suffered a big loss from the Panthers of Jennings County.   This loss helped the Dogs get a little more fired up and lifted them to a win over the Cubs 42-34.  The win improved the teams record to 3 wins and 4 losses.The evening started with four of our 9th grade JV members earning wins over their opponents.  Jonah Chase started the night with a third period pin after falling behind early in the match.  Ethan Meyer continued the winning after pinning his opponent in the second period.  Both Nick Nobbe and Conner Batchelor finished their opponents in the first period with decisive pins.  These four wrestlers gave the varsity squad the lift they needed.      The varsity match opened in the 138lb class with junior Jackson Wooldridge of Batesville. Wooldridge led the entire match before pinning Steven Lin in the second period giving the Bulldogs a 6-0 lead.  Sophomore Jon Vincent in the 145lb class continued the wins facing off against Dax Youngblood from Madison.  Vincent pinned his opponent in the first period adding another 6 points to the Bulldogs lead.  Bulldog Chris Schene wrestled Raul DelGotto in the 152lb class like a true senior.  Schene fell behind by one point in the first period before reversing his opponent in the second period.  This reversal led to a pin for Schene and another 6 points for the team improving the lead to 18-0.  Junior Drew McLeod of Batesville started his match with the first takedown of the 160lb class.  This takedown led to a quick pin in the first period adding another Batesville win, beating Gage Brewer of Madison.  Axel Garcia of Batesville faced off against Peter Kopecy from Madison in the 170lb class.  Garcia, a freshman, battled to a 11-11 tie with his opponent before a final mistake by Kopcey of Madison ended the match by disqualification.  This disqualification added six more points to the teams score making it 30-0 Batesville.  Abram Garcia stepped on the mat against Madison’s Ethan Schafer.  Garcia’s sophomore experience helped him fight through a tough opponent but was not enough in the end losing by a major decision of 12-4.  This loss gave the Cubs their first four points of the night.  Drew Garbarini, a freshman and first year wrestler, fell in the first period by pin to Logan Kent of Madison.  This loss moved the team score to 30-10.  The Bulldogs were unable to fill the 220lb and 285lb class giving up two six-point forfeits.  These forfeits edged the Cubs to just eight points shy of Batesville with a new team score of 30-22.  Freshman Caleb Bischoff-Niese faced off against Jacob Skirvin, a strong 106lb opponent from Madison.  Niese was shut down in the first period by a pin but came away with experience that will benefit him as he moves to his conference opponents.  This loss moved the score to 30-28 Batesville.  The Cubs received another forfeit from the the Bulldogs in the 113lb class gaining the lead by four points, 34-30 Madison.  Both Madison and Batesville had forfeits in the 120lb class before freshman JT Linkel of Batesville and Dante O’Banion of Madison faced off in the 126lb class.  Linkel gave up a quick takedown in the first period before finding a reversal.  This reversal led to a huge pin by Linkel and another team score change moving the Bulldogs to a 36-34 lead.  The final match of the evening faced off team captain and senior Michael Deal of Batesville and Eli McGillan of Madison.  The 132lb bout was the deciding factor on which team would go home with the victory.  Deal held up his side of the bargain for the Bulldogs earning a quick takedown before securing the win with another pin for the team.  This was Deal’s fifth pin of the season and an individual record of 6-0.  This final win of the night moved the Bulldogs to a 42-34 victory over the Cubs.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Deal.last_img read more